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Recent posts by david jaco

I am using windows. I wrote a loop that uses read line to get the first part (up to the /r) then if it matches a certain critera, I readlines until I get a zero length line (the \n). Then I manipulate that string.
I appreciate all the help with this.
20 years ago
Here is the code, the file has
this code produces a string with just "data1" in it. I would like the string to have "data1\rdata2\rdata3" in it so I can split it by the \r.
Thanks for your help
20 years ago
I am reading a file that has certain lines that I would want to "extract" and perform some code on. These lines have a format like this:
using the readLine of the BufferedReader I only get back "data1", but need everything from the beginning of the line to the \r\n, if this line contains certain search critera.
I have looked at the other read methods of other input classes, like FileReader, FileInputStream etc. I just cannot figure out how to get one line from data formated like above.
Any suggestions on how to do this will be appriciated.
I hope this is just a result of my inexperience in programming.
20 years ago
I was wondering is there a way to make an executable (.exe) for my Java program to be distrubted to other Windows PCs?
21 years ago
I am so fustrated in my job search. I do not have a BA or a BS. I have 2 Associate Degrees in Computer Programming and Internet Technologies.
I am certified in Java 2 and Visual Basic. I have written a couple of servlets for my company I work for now, but it is not full time developement.
I feel like I understand programming and really do enjoy it, but I cannot find a full time programming job.
My questions are:
Is my lack of a BA or BS making potential employeers over look me?
Should I pursue more certifications? I am studying for the CIW, but I am not sure if it would help.
I guess I am just looking to see what companies are looking for, so I can adjust what I need to do.
22 years ago
After failing the test twice, once last January and then in November. I decided to take a different approach. I signed up for it and did not think about it until 3 days before the my test date. Then I did some mock exams and studied the things I had trouble on the first two times. It worked. I passed with a 74%. Not a great score, but good enough for me. I am very relieved that I have finally passed.
My advice to others taking the test is to relax and concentrate once you are in the room taking the test. Also mock exams help a lot.
23 years ago
I just took the test and failed. I scored a 55%. I am not too worried about it, I plan on passing it soon. I think my problem was reading the code. Anytime my wife quizes me on the "rules", I do great, but I think I missed a lot because I misread some of the questions that had code with them. Is there any advice on what "tricks" I should be cautious of when reading code?