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Recent posts by Chin Tan

Congtrats guys...good job!!
I didn't pass, only a 62%. Kinda expected it. But, I sure learn alot studying for this test considering my professional background in EJB is not a lot at all.
Think I will get Kathy's book and retake the exam again soon. Fall and get up again, that's what I say.
18 years ago
Hi, are you all saying that we can request a new copy of our java certs that has no expiration date?
where do you get this info? Where can I go to read this info?
I did review a little. But you have a point, after 3+ hours, things start to get blurry.
But, I think I'm satisfied with it.
I finally took the beta exam today. I must say, it was a very long test. Took me 3hr 30mins to get done.
Just want to thank all the javaranchers on their tips, especially Kathy's tips and Valentin's cheat sheets.
The mapping was pretty straight forward according to the spec. I do like the drag and drop functions. Something different. Hope the other tests can incorporate this new style.
Thanks all. I guess it's a waiting game now...