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Recent posts by Ernest Friedman-Hill

I got an email today that someone had posted on this thread today, 13+ years since my last contribution. I feel compelled to provide an update: since I last posted, I spent a few years as a scoutmaster and got my own cast iron skillet — and I use it every single day, I love it!

Every day I wash it, gently, with soap and water. I do not scrub it, I just gently wipe and rinse, then wipe with oil on a paper towel before I put it away. It is like glass — absolutely nothing sticks!
4 months ago
Your code is inside of a "while(true)" loop, which will repeat endlessly until it encounters a "break," until an exception is thrown, or until the program exits. If you type "Barry", it ought to print the prompt only once and exit, but under any other circumstances, it'll print it endlessly.
5 years ago
From what I can see, this ought to work given that the array really does contain what you expect. When you run the whole program, do you see the print statements printing what you expect?
7 years ago
Hi Burke,

Absolutely, JSP is still relevant; it forms the underpinning for most of those fancy Java web frameworks. See this question for a longer discussion on this same topic.
7 years ago
If I'm by myself, I'll move for almost any reason if asked nicely, as long as my new seat is an aisle as well. But if the reason was "I don't want to sit next to you", regardless of explanation, I would not comply. That's just inexcusable.

I would totally support El Al having separate male and female sections; perhaps one third of the plane could be men on the left, women on the right. I'm unclear on why they don't do this already.
8 years ago
Congrats and welcome to the elite, gentlemen.
8 years ago
In English, everything that is required is allowed, by definition. It's what you'd call a tautology -- a statement that's true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form. Like it or not, it's true, and the test authors believe it to be true as well.

Roël, note that while you were required to go through security to board the ferry, that is also the one place via which you are allowed to enter the ferry. You are therefore allowed to go through security to board the ferry. Since you're not allowed to get on the ferry any other way, if you want to go on the ferry you are required to go that way.
It seems odd to suggest that there is a large population of people who can program in assembly, but can't run an assembler or linker. I'll stick to traditional JNI, thanks. Far more flexible and IMO no more difficult to use.

Years ago I wrote a Javadoc doclet that let you put JNI implementations in the doc comments of native method declarations. By using preprocessor guards, you could include implementations for multiple platforms, all in the one Java file. The doclet would generate compilable C++ source, easy to include in your build process. You could have used inline assembly with it if you wanted.
9 years ago
For some unknown reason, my download speed at home has gone to hyperdrive:

10 years ago
Apparently these things are from Java as well.

But the mouse deer is awesome.
10 years ago
These days I'm one of those obnoxious "I never watch TV" folks. When I do, though, it's often Tivo'd episodes of this.
10 years ago
No one should be surprised by the ignorance of U. S. Politicians. It's not even a secret that the GOP deliberately stacks the House science committee with brain-damaged crackweasels. Being a climate-change denier or evolution refusenik is a plus in that organization.
10 years ago
The immediate reason why none of the "calculate" or "report" rules fire is that every one of them matches an "analysis" pattern on the left-hand-side, but no code anywhere asserts any "analysis" facts; therefore none of those rules are ever activated.

I do see where a lot of rules in those modules attempt to call an (undefined) function named "analysis", like this:

Maybe that last line should be

That wouldn't quite fix the logic though, because as I said, it looks every rule that creates an analysis fact requires one to previously exist, and none do. Also, you'd have to have bound "?t" on the rule left-hand-side first; the syntax you were using is a pattern-matching syntax valid only on rule left-hand-sides. Also note that in a few places you use a syntax like (analysis {total + 1}); that's also not allowed on right-hand-sides.
10 years ago
Thanks for the blog link. Toodledo looks perfect -- I am sold!
10 years ago