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Recent posts by Roy Augustine

Hi Jay,

You didn't use a JTable for your results? I do not have my instructions with me, but I thought that was a requirement.

Yes I did use JTable to display the results and it is a must requirement too. What I said was I set preferred, max and min width for all the columns and also controlled the display size of the table using setPreferredScrollableViewportSize() method.
May be that ends up in a weird output when they use test data. But it is just a guess.
Hope this helps.
16 years ago
I am not sure why I got very low score for GUI. But I would say
1. I haven�t used any component other than textfield. I think that is the main reason
2. i didn�t grouped and separated components.
Actually I provided GUI for all the services like create, update. Since all these services have many fields, and some gui like update contains, record number field, which is not something related to record data, it is a good idea to group different components.
I used same class to create the GUI for more than one services. For example I used the same class for delete, lock, read. I also used the same class for search and create. All I did was just use a different title for the window and different label for the buttons depending on the service. But I don�t know whether it affected my score anyway. I did so just reduce the number of classes. I did documented it.
I did spend a lots of time on my JTable and made sure it displays right. May be that was one reason too. Because I put a lots of restrictions on width of table cells, and JTable.
Actually I am not sure what went wrong about my GUI. But I spend a lot of time on the GUI and made sure everything displays right and tried to be consistent.
About lock I think what I did wrong was I didn�t synchronize the Collection class I used to store cookies. I did so because I felt like, it wouldn�t be a problem since no two client can access and play with a given collection element( that is the record number/cookie value pair associated with a locked record) simultaneously, because of my synchronizations at the data class. But I didn�t document that idea.
I locked based on the record object, rather than just shutting down the entire database.
I also implemented a lock manager( I called it cookie manager) at the client side to keep track of the records locked by that client.
Even though I am not at all happy with my GUI score I am happy with my overall score.
Do you think is there any way to find out what went wrong about my GUI and Lock?
16 years ago
Hi all,
My long wait is over. I just got my result.
I took my essay exam on April 1st and they just posted my result.
Detailed result.
The maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320.
Section Summary: Section Max Actual Points Points
General Con: 100 93
Documentation: 70 70
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 12
Locking: 80 58
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 40
Total: 400 343
Thanks all...
16 years ago
Hi all ;
I am trying to publish a website from my computer. I have apache server and registered the domain name. But I dont know how to get a static IP address. Whether I have to contact some one and register an IP address? Or can I just assign any IP address I like. I have searched a lot but couldn't find an answer.
Please show some light...
Thanks in advance
16 years ago
Hi Jacques
Thanks for your quick reply.
I have the codes in the same way you said.
I didn�t know that

will start the registry. I thought createRegistry(port), just creates the registry for us and we have to start the registry separately.
If that is the case then I am all set for now(I think).
Thanks a lot again. You saved me from lots of worry. I have been searching for an answer in all the places for last couple of days.
Hi all
I used RMI for my Networking. The book I followed says that I have to start rmi registry by using the command

It also says I can start registry inside program. But that books doesn�t says how.
But my program works fine even with out starting the registry. I tested it even in two different machines and it works fine. But I am not sure whether I have to start the registry. Any help? Am I doing something wrong?
2. If I have to start the registry then how can I do it using code?
Thanks in advance
Hi George
Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
I know what you mean, play safe. I been thinking that way too since it doesn't involves much work.
I'm assuming your talking about the package.html files.
Yes. My question was about .html file.
Thanks again
Hi all
My assignment says

You must create a full suite of documentation for the classes of the completed project. This must be generated using the tool "javadoc" and must be in HTML format. Provide javadoc documentation for all classes you write.

1. What is that full suite of documentation means?
2. Just sending suncertify directory generated by javadoc meets the requirement ?
Suncertify directory contains subdirectories for each package and each subdirectory contains html documentation for each class of that directory.

Or I also need to send other html files generated by javadoc like allclasses-noframe, allclasses-frame,... ?
3. Whether I need to provide package level documentation?
4. whether I need to provide documentation for inner classes which are not public ?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks both for your help. I am going through different threads now. It look like that will help me. I am sorry I didn't search before posting.
Hi all;
1. Assignment says

All numeric values are stored in the header information use the formats of the DataInputStream and DataOutputStream classes. All text values, and all fields (which are text only), contain only 8 bit characters, null terminated if less than the maximum length for the field. The character encoding is 8 bit US ASCII.

Is that means while we are writing to the file we need to end a field with null, if less than the maximum length for the field?
2. Also I am using


to write to the file. Is that means my character encoding is 8 bit US ASCII.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for your reply.
I am sorry I didn�t give the full information. Actually I am using swing.
Yes I tried
but it is not working. I tried the other two, menuItem and menu and calling setEnabled(false) disable them, But I don�t know what is happening with menuBar. Am I doing something wrong? Since I want to disable the entire menubar I think if I can disable the menubar that will be the best choice.
Any help
[ January 18, 2004: Message edited by: Roy Augustine ]
16 years ago
Hi All,
I created a menubar, I just want to disable the menus, once I selected one of the menu items until I finish with that one( like in most windows applications, once we select a menuItem like File- new - the menus will be disabled until we are done ). I couldn�t find a method to disable the menubar. I know there is an option to disable the Frame. Is that the only option.
Thanks in advance
16 years ago
Hi George
Your answers were so clear and straight and I think I am all set for now
Thanks for your help
Hi All
In packaging and submissions part my specification says,

A directory called code, containing all the source code and related part of your project. You must create subdirectories within this to reflect your package structure and distribute your source files within those directories.

I have no idea what they meant by that related part, any help

I have three packages and I think my directory should be like this

But specification says

Your data access class must be called "", must be in a package called "suncertify.db", and must implement the following interface:
package suncertify.db;
public interface DB

that makes me think that my directory structure should be like this

which will be right one?
I think all the class files should be in runme.jar, so whether I need to put class files in code directory.
Thanks in advance
[ January 03, 2004: Message edited by: Roy Augustine ]
[ January 03, 2004: Message edited by: Roy Augustine ]
[ January 03, 2004: Message edited by: Roy Augustine ]
Thanks for your quick reply
I think I got the answer.

The database server has nothing do with any networking. It's only responsibility is to provide the capability to fetch/manipulate data in the database.

So my first assumption - network server is the class that handles the networking- was wrong.
Now I need two database servers even though one of them, the networking server, is just an adapter.
and in Non networking mode I have to bypass the networking server and contact directly to database server.
am I understanding right? Please give any suggestions.
Thanks in advance