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Recent posts by Ramneek Handa

Hi, I looking for some CMS options that can work well with Weblogic portal's Virtual Content Repository's.

I know interwoven's TeamSite works very well with WL VCR but We really need to some open source or economical CMS system.

I evaluated Alfresco doesn't have SPI library implemented.

I would appreciate if you guys can suggest some economical option for CMS that we can use for authoring contents and push/deploy in WLP VCR.

10 years ago
I reached to this thread through google search.
Well I am also facing same problem. my bean is getting accessed as guest.
Even though I am calling bean with this piece of code.

but still i m getting user as guest.
17 years ago
Can somebody help me on this :roll:
FYI I have check and found setSessionContext method is getting called of the RequestDispacher Session Bean. Then why it is not setting the User name.

sessionContext.getCallerPrincipal().getName() is not reflecting the right user name.

I am calling a session bean, before I make a call to the session bean I am setting...

and make a call to the bean

but from the processRequest() method of RequestDispachterBean when I display

it displays
userID is guest
Infact I have not specified guest user in any of my xml.

If will be great if somebody can tell me why I am not getting the userID which I am setting i.e. "Manager".
What is the eligiblty criteria for SCEA?
Hi all,
I'm getting a 500 Internal Server Error when I'm trying to
invoke the following SOAP_URL @
My soap.war contains the service implementation (including
the web.xml etc.) I'm deploying on OC4J (Oracle 9iAS).
I've even tried extracting the soap.jar archive under
WEB-INF/classes (it creates oracle/soap/..... packages).
However, I just cannot seem to reach the SOAP_URL endpoint
(mapped to oracle.soap.server.http.SOAPServlet).
Please help as I've been struggling with it for the last
several days and have run up against a wall.
17 years ago
Actually I have already created and deployed a Oracle Soap webservice. Which is being deployed in %SOAPHOME%\WEB-INF\classes directory.
My problem is to merge this webservice with my existing application to make one ear file.
I have an explicit reference to WEB-INF/soap.xml in web.xml.
There is also an explicit reference to WEB-INF/services.xml in soap.xml.
Soap.xml, services.xml are in the WEB-INF/ directory as well.
If my understanding is correct: the way to integrate a soap based web service into
an existing application is to create a soap.war which has all the service information
(web.xml, soap.xml and services.xml + classes) and bundle it along with the other application
jars. Am I correct? ?!
In that case, how will the SOAP message be routed? In other words, how does the soap
message @ http://localhost:8888/soap/servlet/soaprouter gets routed to my web service implementation.
17 years ago
Thanks for reply,
but can u tell me a) how to register the web service using apache soap Admin client. b) how to bundle them in my .ear(application)
17 years ago
I was having some problem with deploying using Oracle 9iAS Web Services
so am using Apache Soap instead on Oracle 9iAS.
Being a newbie to Apache Soap I apologize in advance if I've overlooked
something plainly obvious.
I am performing the following steps.
1.) Jar all my application classes and place it under /soap/WEB-INF/lib
2.) Create a services.xml that has all the complex type mappings and place
it under /soap/WEB-INF
(incidentally, this is the same directory that has soap.xml and web.xml)
3.) Create a soap.war file with this updation
The file structure looks like
4.) Bundle the war along with other lib files to create an EAR.
5.) Deploy my ear.
Are these steps correct? Why am I still not able to see my deployed
services? What is the URL where these
are available (btw. my SOAP_URL is
Thanks a lot.
17 years ago
Can somebody please tell me what is JNLP and Web Start in Java?
17 years ago
Can somebody put a light on the output of
System.out.println("objeref is "+objref);
which is coming as
objeref is RequestDispatcherBean EJBHome
Why it is showing RequestDispatcherBean as class name instead of RequestDispatcherHome which is the name of Home class.
Pl someone tell me. FYI I am using OC4J
I am getting class cast exception while typecasting the reference to the home class after looking up the Request Dispatcher
I am able to look up but it gives classcastexception while typecasting.
This is the peace of code :
Context ctx=getContext();
System.out.println("Context is "+ctx);
Object objref = ctx.lookup ("RequestDispatcherBean");
System.out.println("objeref is "+objref);
home = (RequestDispatcherHome) objref;
the output of above code comes as
Context is javax.naming.InitialContext@98b
objeref is RequestDispatcherBean EJBHome
java.lang.ClassCastException: RequestDispatcherHome_StatelessSessionHomeWrapper7
com.indus.banner.integration.controller.RequestDispatcherHome com.indus.banner.components.account.Account
I don't understand when it is printing objeref is RequestDispatcherBean EJBHome
then why I am not able to cast it in the next line. I have tried with narrowing it down but it does not work even.
Any suggestions???
[ June 03, 2003: Message edited by: Ramneek Handa ]
Thanks Sean!
Is this the concept called Hiding local variables.
18 years ago
Hi there,
Have you heard about the "Hide Local Variables" in java.
This is somebody asked my in an interview.
Can you tell my anything about this.
Thanks for any help
18 years ago