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Recent posts by Joyce Lee

Thread 1: RODE -> DOSE -> ROSE
Thread 2: GANG -> GONG -> GONE
17 years ago
Right-clicking the mouse (then Esc key) changes to pencil stroke. Don't know if it's possible to change back to the ink-splattered stroke.
17 years ago

Originally posted by marc weber:
But in this context...

Yep, the three dots can be interpreted as:

Oh Oh no! My boss is coming. Gotta stop writing now. Talk to you later. Bye!

17 years ago
[Jim]:Hint for 13-to-14: ... Think of it as a standalone question, not part of a sequence.

I'm still stuck at 13!

Need more hint: Is the next URL a one-word answer to the question or is it made up of a few words? Is this a fill-in-the-blank kind of question? Thanks.
[ July 14, 2006: Message edited by: Joyce Lee ]
17 years ago
It's an Ellipsis. Depending on the context of the e-mails, sometimes I interpret as a pause or "I have something more to say, but don't know what/how to say".
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
I think it means got to 13, can't get to 14. That's what I meant, anyway. Though getting from 12 to 13 was challenging too. I've since gotten up to 17 using Google - not for a key or hints from others specific to this puzzle, but for general info. I retract my complaint about going from 7 to 8, in the sense that you ain't seen nuthin' yet. You will need reference materials for several along the way.

Any hint from 13 to 14? I've tried out different significances for the number 14, but in vain.
17 years ago
This is fun!

Two trials: 58.23wpm, 69.85wpm.
17 years ago
[agrah]: Nice article.
Glad you enjoyed it.

[Maulin]: We see zillions of ppl around... going to buses, trains, working, playing..may be too crowded or however and still we can't relate our mind to many of them?? say "we can't relate our mind to many of them??", as in what way? Perhaps with an example.

I know that when the elderly and pregnant women board a crowded public transport, usually there'll be people giving up seat for them. This shows that some people do care.
17 years ago
Hi Maulin,

Personally, I feel that feeling "alone" has nothing to do with the size of the world. Even if we're in a crowded room, we can also feel lonely. Here's a nice article on describing what loneliness is.
17 years ago
No video replay used. According to this article, it's the fourth official who saw the head-butt incident and informed the referee.
17 years ago
Hi all,


Please feel free to edit the page if you've any SCMAD resources (books, mocks, notes, tutorials, etc) which might be useful to the ranchers.

To edit the ScmadLinks, just click on the EDIT THIS PAGE button at the bottom of the page.


Could you please put the link at the top of the SCMAD forum? Thanks.

Got it. Thanks a bunch, guys!
17 years ago
My theory is that the staff were turned into whatever things available in the castle that best suited their character and look. When the spell is broken, those furniture, utensils and etc are simply back to their location where they're originally placed. After all this is a fairytale, so anything is possible.
[ July 09, 2006: Message edited by: Joyce Lee ]
17 years ago