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Recent posts by Ian Wu

Hi , I have a question, which version of Tomcat should I be using?
are there much different between Tomcat 5, which uses JSP 2.0 spec, servlet API2.4, and Tomcat 4, JSP 1.2 spec, servlet API 2.3, in terms of this exam?
which version of Tomcat do you remcommend using?
Thanks alot
Dear prospective employer,
I am currently seeking a (Java) programmer, developer, support / IT / business analyst position in your organization. Please allow me to introduce myself and identify my experience.

I have just received an Honors Bachelor of Mathematics / Business Administration - System Management Package at the University of Waterloo. During those 4 years, I have learned valuable analytical skills and time management skills to meet the academic demand. Understanding that working in technology field requires continuous updating of technical skills, I immediately obtain the industry acclaimed Sun Certified Java Programmer for Platform 1.4 (JCSP) after graduation to show that I am committed to continuous learning and development in the technology field. I am currently preparing for the Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) to further enhance and develop my expertise in the Java language. In addition, I have gain valuable experience from working as an IT Assistant in Ocean Park HK Inc. During my employment period, I have successfully streamlined and automated the data parsing process to an MS Access database, automated repetitive business processes, and effectively provided help-desk support for software and hardware related problems.
Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for your time and consideration. Please find the copy of my resume below for review. I sincerely hope that the combination of my related work experience and education will make a positive contribution to your organization.
Sincere Regards,
Ian Wu
Ian's Resume
17 years ago
Sorry if I am posting on the wrong forum, but I couldn't figure out where this post should go so I'll just post here. I just passed the SCJP today. javaranch has been very helpful to me, and has helped me to pass my exam. I really want to say thank you to everyone here.
I am now thinking which certification I should pursue next. I know that has a certification path that is different from what the SUN has to offer. Other than Sun's SCJP is on the jCert path, all other SUN's certification is not included. And also I have read a post "terrible news from SUN" from Java News forum, saying that Sun microsystem is in financial risk, and that IBM will have a high chance of owning Sun if ( touch wood0 Sun does bankrupt in the future. It also seems that most of the vendor specific cerficiation exam from the certification path is from IBM. So are these all a signal saying that it IBM certification might be a better choice?
Iam very worried that I will be making a wrong certification choice here, since I have already been spent so much time studying for just 1 certification, and I don't want to waste any time studying for a certification that will be turn out not as useful.
I also have one last question. Why does forum only have the certifications provided by Sun? Planning to add other certification topics in the future?
The code compiles fine and I got char as the result
I have trouble understanding why the following code could compile fine

The Output is: asdf
at position #1, the innerclass is instantiating as if the inner class is a static nested class, but clearly it isn't, it is only a regular inner class. How is this possible?
Thanks in advance for helping
I have the same question in my mind too.
I have been seeing all these ingenious, intelligent, brilliant (and perhaps crazy) people posting their 90+ scores on the board everyday. It makes me feel guilty for setting my initial goal of "just to get a pass" on the exam.
Now, I have been postponing my exam for a whole month trying to get a better score on the practise exam before I move on to the real one. Is the score really THAT important? Are there any test statistics showing us the exam averages?
Iam sorry, I still don't understand.
0x80000000 means 80000000 in hexidecimal.
if my math is correct converting 80000000 from hex to dec, the answer should be 2147483648
so the code:
int x = 0x80000000;
Is equivalent in assigning 2147483648 to and int then?
Isn't that value too big for an int variable to store?
Why would the compiler say it is legal to do so?
why is it legal to assign a hex value that is out of int range to an int variable?
int x1 = 0x80000000;
why is this legal? this is like assigning 2147483648 to an int ?
I was doing the practise exam on
and I encounter a question asking....
2 Which of the following statements is not true?
a. An interface that is declared within the body of a class or
interface is known as a nested interface.
b. A constant can be a member of an interface.
c. A class declaration can be a member of an interface.
d. A class that implements an interface must implement all of
the methods declared within the interface.
e. None of the above.
the sugguested answer is D.
I was thinking, if any of a,b,c,d is false, then answer E will automatically become false !
Does questions like this appear on the real exam often? and if they do appear, should I check both answer D & E? or should i just check answer D just like this practise exam suggested??