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Recent posts by abd hassan

I'm learning Hibernate these days and I think its working great. TopLink is another big name in ORM domain and I'm wondering how the two compare in terms of performance and maintainability. Also does TopLink allow transactions using an underlying transaction manager like Websphere JTA. Appreciate your feedback.
Thanks so much. But there is another question. Why would you even bother to use hibernate explicit transaction management if you can handle it declaratively using CMT on a session facade. Also, I found this:

This seems to suggest that if you're using Websphere (which I am), then you'll have problem looking up the Container Transaction Manager. Maybe this is old information and the problem is fixed. I'm not sure. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

I'm new to hibernate and trying to learn this technology. I'm trying to see how I can use hibernate in my domain layer with existing session beans facades in my service layer. How would transaction management work in this case. I'm currently running on websphere 5.1. I still want to use CMTs and let the container handle transactions set on my session beans instead of using explicit hibernate transactions. Is that feasible ? Is there any particular configuration setting required in hibernate to achieve that? Also, I usually hear about projects in which hibernate is used with Spring. How about the architecture where you have ejb session facades with hibernate. Is that a common approach ? Thanks for your help.
Actually part1 is EJB 1.1. But for the assignement you can use any version.
Thanks a lot. Just happy its over with.
Got my result today after 3 weeks. Passed with 81%. Was surprised that I did well on class and seq diagrams (got 41/44 and 11/12 points respectively) but got only 29/44 points on component diagram of which I felt really confident about when I submitted the assignement.
I'm wondering if anybody doing the assignement has considered using JAAS for authentication of the java swing client and let the ejb container handle authorizations. Please let me know your thoughts.
can you please elaborate on how you managed the session for web and rich clients. Also your approach to constructing component diagrams.

I'm having the same problem in the component diagram (cannot get packages), but overall Jude seems to be a great tool. So looks like we can create a bigger component to represent the tier and in the stereotype mention the tier?? (Business, EIS etc..)??
Also did you use any ejb controller classes like Cade's example? and how did you manage your session information .Is it using any stateful beans? I'm thinking in terms of having a common stateful session bean as a common controller class.

Congratulations Shahid. good job.
Please take some time to help us out. Are you persisting unpaid itinerary? and do you have a shopping cart like class. Also did you include the Travel Agent and its relationships in your class diagram? Also your name sounds familiar if you follow cricket games..
Has anybody tried to include the Travel Agent in the class diagram? Also what happens to the external subsystems like the Transmaster in the class diagram.
Thanks. Actually I meant for internal business sub systems. From my object domain model I can come up with subsystems (each class belonging to a particular business subsystem). Do we need to show the components in each of the business subsystems? Thanks.