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Bala Krishnan Subramanian

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The 'Enclosing Type' property in the Java Class creation in IBM Websphere creates a Protected Inner class. Please note I got this question for my IBM 286 exam
I feel the below answers are correct.

8 - A
10 - D
52 - A,D
Hi Brahim,
How did you tackle Test 286 and Test 287 so efficiently in a quick span of time ? Kudos.. Please give me some insights !
Hi !
How lucky you are for having those free vouchers? Did you attempt any sample tests at Prime?
Can you please brief me the materials you used for the preparation ?
Thanx Mahesh, For your reply and sincere help !
Just curious!
Is there anyway, It will be available next week..
Dear Rajeev,
Thanks for your info.
When will the Test 286 kit shall be available?
Hi Guys,
Can you please share more insights in to Test 286 ! I need some hints and motivation from you guys !
Dear Rick,
Have you cleared the Exam?
Dear Howard,
I had attended a training workshop conducted by IBM @ Singapore and these were the exams they asked me to take inorder for me to become IBM Certified Trainer..
There were three paths - Step 1 -> WSAD, Step 2 -> WAS , Step 3 -> Portal
Learning Path for IBM Websphere and the exam Tests Required
Step 1: SW232 -> SW225 -> SW257 (SW237: Optional)
You need to clear Test 286 & 287 for becoming a IBM Certified Trainer.
Step 2: SW246
Step 3: SW553, SW543.(No professional certification is required !)
I saw the website, But there was no mention of Test 286 ??
17 years ago
Dear Howard,
Thanks for your reply. I ordered your book through amazon. Wishing to clear Test 287 in the first attempt. Can you plz guide me to what books can I use to clear Test 286.
I planning to clear Test 287 first and then 286.
Dear Mahesh,
Is there any study guides for Test 286 and Test 287? If so, What's the cost and How long will it take to deliver ?
Dear Mahesh,
Is there any exam simulators available for Test 286 and 287 ?
Please help me !
17 years ago