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Recent posts by Vinod Jon

Originally posted by Raj Waters:
I have two questions concerning EJBs:
- For a Stateful session bean, is there a concept of instance pooling by the server?
- Does Stateless OR Stateful session beans supports concurrent requests?

My answers may not be correct but to my knowledge,
1) Some (or most) app servers pool stateful session beans by seperating the state information from the bean reference, during passivation.
2) Each client is alloted one session bean to process its request and during that time no other client can access this session bean, but the same client can be allowed to reenter the ejb depending on your setting in the deployment descriptor for reentrant property.

Originally posted by Rajesh Savitri:
I need to access a singleton class from my EJBs. This class will be having some infromation that are common to most of my EJBs. I had planned to register it to the JNDI and then Lookup later from an EJB. Does this make sense?

Where will this singleton class be ? is it going to be in the same server as the EJBs or in a different JVM. Another thing, if you want only one instant of the singleton class per enviornment, your solution may help but if you are going to have one singleton class in all the JVM it is better to access the class thru its static reference.

Originally posted by Natalie Kopple:
India does not want to send troops to Iraq. All India wants is U.S. jobs.

Iraq is a burden U.S added to its list, so it should not go around asking other countries to help. I don't want to discuss whether it was legitimate for US to invade Iraq, but US undermining UN is not correct, this could lead to a false precedence and UN could become another League of nations, which no one want's anther big war. It took Europe two big wars for europe to realise effect of war all that will go wasted if other countries gets inspried by US actions. Do you need another war outside your home ?.
One more thing you have to realise, a captialist country will never give any thing for free, US business interest in India (on a long run) is more than India's interest in US. If US government instruct companies to stop outsourcing, then Indian Government will force cococola, pepsi, kfc, Mcdonals, pizza hut, ford etc to close their shops in India, Indian govt has proved it won't allow US to take India for granted by not sending troops to Iraq. So this is a tough decision for the US govt. Though abolishing H1B could solve this problem at present, but in a long run it may cause more damage to american business. So US govt should be smart and careful when they decide on this.

With regard to quality of software produced in India, I admit it is bit inferior to what is produced here in US. One reason being Indian industry (not just the IT induatry) lack professionaism to some extent, that is what you can expect from a country semi-socialist country at it was till 1990, but now things have greatly changed between then and now. Today product comming out of India are close to international standard than it was then. So this could be the right time for outsourcing wor to India, atleast that's what US corporate is feeling. So this is one of the toughest decision US will be making in comming days/months/years.
16 years ago