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I tried in 2 servers.

tomcat web server - Session Last Access Datetime NOT change
Sun One application server - Session Last Access Datetime CHANGE

So I think it is server-dependent.

Thank you all for your replies.
11 years ago

Ben Souther wrote:
When I get time, I'll search the spec some more to see if this behavior is specifically defined or not.

Hi Ben,

Can you send me a copy of spec? Or share with me the link of spec? Thank you.

11 years ago
Hi experts,

When user visit a static html file, will the session's Last Access Datetime be updated?
Is it standard? Or web-sever-based?

Thanks in advance.

11 years ago

Just for your info, I happened to got a new PC with Windows Vista preinstalled. I tried it myself and I confirm JDK 1.4.2 and Tomcat 5 can work on Windows Vista, and so far no problem found yet.

Thank you.
12 years ago

My clients got some Java web applications and standalone programs running on their Windows XP now. The version of JDK is 1.4.2 and of Tomcat is 5. Now they want to upgrade their OS to Windows Vista.

Did anybody ever try to run JDK1.4.2 and Tomcat 5 on Windows Visita? Could they work properly? Or was there any definite problem?

Thank in advance.

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12 years ago
Sorry, I think I didn't make myself clear enough.

Yes, of course user need to give the day of the week for fortnightly, and day of the month and month for quarterly and half yearly.

For quarterly and half yearly, now my solution is to calculate the month list in Java program fist. For example, if user want a quarterly job run on 1700, 5th of Apr, then I will generate the month list as 4,7,10,1, and then the cron expression will be something like 0 0 17 5 4,7,10,1 ? *.

Hi Christophe,
I think your expression not good enough. User want the job run every two weeks exactly. So if user want the job start on 1st of Jan 08, it's a Tuesday, then actually it should run as follows:

First Tuesday of Jan 2008
Third Tuesday of Jan 2008
Fifth Tueday of Jan 2008
Second Tuesday of Feb 2008
Forth Tuesday of Feb 2008

As you can see, we cannot fix it to first, third and fifth of a month. It's changing as time goes.

Hi Paul,
I ever tried 3/3 or 6/6 form and it's not really correct. 4/3 actually means start from Apr of each year, and the increment is 3. So it will miss Jan. Not only month, other fields are also same. For example 20/1 means run the job every day of every month ONLY 20th onwards.
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I implemented a batch job system by using Quartz 1.4.2 (a quite old version). But my clients want to schedule some batch jobs run fortnightly, quarterly and half yearly. I could not worked them out. Pleas help and thank you!
Hi Rob,

Thanks for revising codes for me. I tested and it indeed works. And the javadoc of my version of JDK doesn't mention the reverse order thing.

Hi Jim,

Actually I may not only delete files but also need do some other things, and your advice is greatly helpful.

Wish both of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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12 years ago
Hello everybody.

My objective is to delete a directory with all its children, including subdirectories and files upon VM exits.

I did a simple test and realized that File.deleteOnExit() will not work if the File denotes to a directory and the directory has contents. So I thought I can just recursively get all files and subdirectories of that directory and call all their deleteOnExit() method.

But the result wasn't what I expected. JVM just deleted all files but leave all directories there. How come this happen?

My testing codes are:

My environment is:

Windows XP

java version "1.4.2_04"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_04-b05)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_04-b05, mixed mode)

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
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12 years ago

How to deal with such a concurrent problem: two customers book same seat of same flight?

Please advice.

Theodore, I don't agree with you. Architect is not designer. If architect need do the detail design, what will designer do? As an architect, you must focus on service level requirements, in addtion with business requirements.

I read this paragraph of Cade & Simon's book again...
What does it mean to create an architecture? It means that you have created a software infrastructure that addresses the service-level requirements that have been identified for the system. For example, if the system has a service-level requirement that states no user response time will be greater than three seconds, then the software infrastructure you create must ensure that the system can meet this requirement. It also means that you have given the designers an infrastructure that allows them to design and code the system without worrying about compromising this service-level requirement.
I found my sequence diagrams are very long and in a mess. I will be crazy soon. Dear experts with successful SCEA experience, how to simplify sequence diagram?

1 Should I list every relevant JSPs's name in a sequence diagram? Or can I give them a uniform name: JSP(or web pages, or frontend)?

2 Should I involve every relevant VOs or List of Vos?

3 Should I omit not important return arrow?

4 Should I omit detailed alternative? E.g. if system cannot search out flights which are according with search conditions, have to return previous web page

5 Should I omit not important validation? E.g. user does not input for mandantory fields.

6 I do not know the taste of the person who will mark my submission, but you know already. If I know what is they really want to see in sequence diagram, I will do it better.