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One possible approach would be to search for current uses for REST. Then get a simple RESTful Web service running on your own. Finally, think of a few ways you can either improve on the services you've investigated, or perhaps come up with an idea for a new area for using REST. Or maybe an improvement to the Oracle RS API. Or an extension to servlets to support all HTTP methods. Or [fill in the blank with a cool idea]...

For a master's degree, the innovation does not need to be earth-shattering. Also, some universities allow an alternative to the thesis in the form of a research project, so if you can't figure out an innovation, maybe you can figure out, say, a best practices commonality among implementations. Be creative. Give your advisor a few options, and maybe he/she will approve one of them.

Good luck!


8 years ago
Have you looked at JavaRanch's SCJD FAQ? I think you'll find what you need there...
Hello -

This may seem obvious, but have you tried the JavaPOS Home Page?
17 years ago
I can't say whether Khalid's book is sufficient, because I've never read it. I used the Kathy Sierra/Bert Bates book, which is excellent. It not only prepared me for the exam, but it also made me aware of aspects and features of Java that I had not known before.

Good luck with your exam!
I suggest taking 1.4 if you're ready, then move on to a higher certification. Don't worry about coming back and upgrading to a 1.5 cert. (Unless your boss requires it, is willing to pay for it, and let you study on his time, I see no point in updating a lower-level certification.)

If you're not ready, you may want to prepare for 1.5.
In the United States:

Some private colleges will grant degree credit. For example, the American College of Computer and Information Science (ACCIS) accepts some professional level certifications. This school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), but not by a regional accreditation authority. Both the DETC and the regional authorities are licensed by the US Department of Education to accredit institutions, but a debate rages over the comparative value of the two.

Some public institutions will use a certification to permit a student to substitute a more advanced course for a basic course in the certified field, but they generally won't accept the cert for credit.

Hope that helps.
What problems are you having? Are you getting compile errors? (I ask because there's a typo in your code snippet, where the 'l' is left out of "serialPort".)

Also, your import statements must come before the class declarations, not inside the class declarations...
[ July 19, 2005: Message edited by: Jeff Bosch ]
17 years ago
JavaRanch has a Java Micro Edition forum for discussing the topics related to Java in smaller devices. Worth a visit, in my opinion.
17 years ago
There could have been a simpler meaning, too, such as, "Describe javac and how you would use it in the development process."
17 years ago
Welcome to the Ranch, Kenji!
17 years ago
Names at JavaRanch have to at least look like real names.
17 years ago
Good idea! I'm thinking of changing "must" to:

<span font-weight="bold" font-size="freaking huge">MUST!!!</span>

Just so I don't miss one.
Andrew Monkhouse wrote a book? Cool! I'll have to get that one...
I would put it in a finally() block, and close it if it's open. That way, whether or not an exception gets thrown, you still clean up by closing any open sockets...
17 years ago
It seems like a basic jump table to me. By using double-indirection, the JVM can optimize memory by moving objects around and it would only have to update the target side of the table.
17 years ago