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Recent posts by hasan khan

I am having Weblogic 10.3 running with Java 1.6, now i want to use Java 8.

I have just copied Java 8 into Weblogic's Java 6 folder.

Few JSP pages are giving the below error

"The type java.util.Comparator cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files "
8 years ago
On 21 Oct 2011, I have purchase these books with original bill.

a) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge [PMBOK Guide] - Fourth Edition

b) PMP Exam Prep, 7th Edition with CD, Rita Mulcahy - For exam after 30 Aug 2011.

Unfortunately I have drop the plans for PMP exam and these books are absolutely unused.

If any one is interested to purchase these books at discount then please email me at hasstar2000-pmp@yahoo.com

mumbai - india
12 years ago
PMP exam content is changed after Aug 2011, can i use PMBOK 4th Edition and Head First PMP printed before Aug 2011.

and where can i find the changes made for the exam?

Is latest version of PMBoK [4th Edition] is enough for PMP preparation.


Can I use both book simultaneously for preparation ?

or one by one, and which one should be used first ?

please suggest good books for PMP - PMBOK 4th edition
How can PMP certification benefits to Software Developer / Software project managers?

i have modified org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient.setFileType(int fileType) by adding line this in the beginning.

and it is working fine for me.
15 years ago
so please suggest any solution for downloading any binary file from UNIX to windows using ANT FTP.
15 years ago
FixCRLF helped me to some extend for JSP files, but didnt worked for .class files.
15 years ago
while downloading some class files and jsp files from remote server i am getting some special character at the end of each line and i can see it this in text editor for jsp files and java decompiler is unable to open my class files. what to do to remove those unwanted characters.
15 years ago
this happened to me when my html/jsp was submitting the same form twice.

i had html <form> tag with onSubmit="return validateData()" and inside validateData() function i was again submitting the form. document.myform.submit();. so avoid submit function call to solve this error.
[ December 10, 2007: Message edited by: hasaN khaN ]
16 years ago
pls suggest good books for weblogic 10. (available in india)
16 years ago
i have got multiple context in one weblogic server.
Context names: context1, context2, context3, context4, context5.

context1 is main context, this is where all users first comes in and authenticate themselves. after successful authentication i am storing LoginVO object in to session and storing HttpSession object in to a Map and finally storing Map in to ServletContext attribute.

the other modules of my web are in context2 ... context5.

this context dont have any authentication pages.

i want to maintain a single session across all the context. how do i do that.
no problem. I will be buying just one which book, but which one i dont know.

experts please tell me which one.
thanks Jeanne for your reply. someone also suggested me
Oracle Database 10g: The Complete Reference (Osborne ORACLE Press Series) by Kevin Loney

basically i am a JAVA developer, i want to learn Oracle 10g and i will be using it in JDBC

now i have 2 choice, please suggest one;
thanks for reply.