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since Aug 11, 2003
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Recent posts by Nag Rao

Assuming that this is a developer position, definitely 42K per year is a less amount.
But, if you have been waiting for a job for long, you better take it as the recruitment will keep shrinking towards the month of December as it happens every year. As people are expecting some improvement in 2004, You can change your job then
20 years ago
You should rollback such transactions.Also server should have the capacity to cancel the request after sometime if it can't send the results back.
But I would like to here from other folks what they think.
20 years ago
Hi all,
I came across the following interview questions in some other forum. Can somebody discuss the answers so that it will be useful for all?.
1.Can you apply static, private, protected to a Class and a Constructor?Reasons.
2.What is finalize() method? why is it protected?
3.what is singleton and use of it?
4.what are joins in db? differentiate inner and outer joins.//db question
5.Are there virtual functions in java like in C++?
6.What is java reflection API?
7.Is java pass by val or pass by ref.explain.
8.What is serialization in java.
20 years ago