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Satish Avadhanam

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Recent posts by Satish Avadhanam

Originally posted by somkiat puisungnoen:
How to display PDF data type with XSLT ?

I'm want to display pdf that using XSLT to transform data from xml to PDF.

Is possible to do that ? and How?

Step 1: Apply XSLT to convert XML to FO using Xalan-Java processor.
Step 2: Use FOP to convert the converted FO to PDF.

Good Luck.
Good to hear the progress, Fred!!

14 years ago

Originally posted by Kitty Dayal:
will we be getting anything from the sun through mail(logo, certificate of some sort that we passed).

- Kits
SCJP 1.4

Yes. Congratulations
14 years ago
Thanks, Fred.
[ September 06, 2004: Message edited by: Satish Avadhanam ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Surya Kumar:
I thought that the db file is only in the working directory? Do you mean a user can point to a different file? Regards

Yes. We must provide a way for the user to select location of db file. Individual requirements may vary. You might want to check your instructions to make sure.

Good Luck,
ID MUST be unique in an xml document. It does not matter if ID attribute is present in different elements.

Good Luck,
Congrats. Passed with no mocks
14 years ago
Good Score, Congrats.
14 years ago
The getAttributeNS() method in Element interface returns "The Attr value as a string, or the empty string if that attribute does not have a specified or default value."

So is the exception thrown if we have a attribute and if that does'nt belong to namespace specified in method?

Hello All,
As I am trying to compile and run examples in "Processing XML with Java" as part of preperation, I am stuck at DOMSpider program in book. Can anyone please explain on why it is occuring? Thanks.

The example am working on is DOMSpider shownhere

When run against site given there i.e. "" am getting following exception.

at org.apache.crimson.tree.ElementNode2.getAttributeNodeNS(ElementNode2.
at org.apache.crimson.tree.ElementNode2.getAttributeNS(
at DOMSpider.isSimpleLink(
at DOMSpider.findLinks(
at DOMSpider.findLinks(
at DOMSpider.findLinks(
at DOMSpider.spider(
at DOMSpider.main(

The relevant code is..

Line where program breaks is
<link href="xrd.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>

I could not understand why program breaks at this link element. Is it because of "type" attribute which we are actually trying to retrieve in program and check for "simple" link type or is it because of other reason?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


So, I ask my self (and you) could I be penalized if I choosed number (2)?