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Recent posts by asim wagan

Thanks folks, That is great.
But as Khun you said that their is big problem in processing the type of content we have got. Now if the XML file is containing a huge amount of text(for WEB), comparatively for the WAP we will be needing a lesser number of text so how we will be approaching this problem.
I mean that how we will be removing some parts of the XML from the final document which will be produced as XML. Please if you provide the example that would be great.
Thanks again.
sorry i forgot to tell you that IBM is also providing free tools at:
I think if yoou want to look at something good than go to site of one of the creators of xml specification that is:
aah! why i am saying this to you becoz the tools their r some of the fastest available in the free software arena.
Hi Folks,
I have this unique problem that i have to create a site that would dynamically generate stuff according to the type of browser I got. I have got the hint that i can do this using XSL but how to do it i am not clear can anybody help me with this.
Thanx in advance I need this very quickly.
Asim Wagan
I think the only answers are 3), 4).
Excuse me! but i think there is a problem with your question where is this mysterious AQuestion class you r referring to. The compiler will certainly give class not found error.
The answer is (d) as x has been referencing to the Integer object all the time after the method ends x refernces to its original.
<html><body>Please search through the archives it is present there.
It happens because java searches for the most specific class that can support a type of undefined object.Try the code elow and see it:
class a{
public void method(){
System.out.println("a version");
class b extends a{
public void method(){
System.out.println("b version");
public class c{
public static void main(String arg[]){
a a1=new a();
a a2=new b();
boolean is of 8 bits.But it is considered as a single entity by JVM. Read the JLS.
No gc i not at all forceable. The method of runtime class is similar to functionality as that of system class.
<html><body>Yes you can access them and here is an example to prove that:
public class outer {
class inner {
private int t=8;
public void inneraccess(){
inner i=new inner();
public static void main(String arg[]){
outer o=new outer();
Hi! GC means the garbage collector. Java has a automatic mechanism for recovering the memory from destroyed objects. The JVM contains a special utility known as Garbage Collector which helps the system to collect the memory.
The answer should be A) Compile time error.
i)because i is defined in the for loop and there is only one instruction which is used in for loop. As the loop ends the var i becomes undefined so it produces the error.
Hi! remember these points for anonymous classes:
i) As they have got no names so they can not have constructors.
ii) Where ever they are declared, then and there they are instantiated. so in this case ActionListner interface is extended by an anony class and then it is created using new operator. see how it is done on anony classes. remember declare and extned and create at one place.