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Recent posts by Jean Miles

Can you consider message handlers similar to filters?
Must JAX-RPC run the in web container?
I am looking for up to date Java Web Services Security book to use for this exam as well as resource.
[ January 21, 2005: Message edited by: Jean Miles ]
I am happy to hear the mobile certification is coming. I am starting to work on my J2ME skills and the studying for the certification gives me a more structure learning process in conjunction with the development skills.
thanks for your reply.
It is really a challenge trying to keep up with technology. An architect told me recently that the direction is toward SOA (service oriented architecture). If we are using a MVC framework architecture for development and so far what I read about SOA is appears to be address web services only? But the architect said that SOA is more than just address web services development, it is for all types of development? I think we can have multiple architectures in a system that addresses solving the problem at hand. But everytime I talk to the architect is seems to a single architecture solution---> SOA.
I am not sure where to post this question, but thought this will the most likely place. I am reading about SOA (service oriented architecture) at the same time is mentions MDA (model driven architecture) and AOP (aspect oriented programming). I am getting confuse what is the difference between SOA and MDA and where does AOP fit in this picture???
I am trying to understand SOA and know nothing about MDA and AOP.
Isn't there situations where you would coded persistence in Session beans, instead of having entity beans??? What are drawbacks?
I have taken current SCWCD exam, do you suppose there will be upgraded for
existing SCWCD similar to SCJP?
thanks for info on book and SCWCD 1.4 exam.
Also, will there be a Head First for SCWCD???
[ December 05, 2003: Message edited by: Jean Miles ]
I am sending an XML data to another application, posting a waiting to get acknowledgment of validatation of XML and receipt. If I use Web Services, XML with SOAP can I accomplish this?
20 years ago
thanks for book recommendation and possible solution to my problem.
20 years ago
I know some sites are using web services such as yahoo. I would like to
understand how to work with data feeds using web services to presented on different mediums (browser, pda or another application) and how to make it interactive based on the data feed?
20 years ago
If I can use Web services for synchronized communication how is the performance?
20 years ago
I am trying to understand when to use Web Services? I would like to know
what problems does 'using web services' solve.
20 years ago