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Recent posts by Mary Wallace

when i say new String("hello") , how many objects are created. i think its only one . but my friend saying it will create two objects.

please correct me if im wrong
15 years ago
Get married, then will haunt you.
If married get some new girl friends, then you wont get addicted to here.

Originally posted by Rick Beaver:
Addicted to both

16 years ago
well the first thing you have to think about is WHERE you wanna put it and who is gonna use it.

WHERE? Basement.
WHO? Does that matters?
I havent seen a board in laundromat saying this is
for men and this is women .I know for restrooms it matters (who going to use thingy)

Originally posted by steno druetta:
i hope you didn't buy it yet, otherwise my suggestions will be ueseless...
well the first thing you have to think about is WHERE you wanna put it and who is gonna use it. the point is not about front or top loading. the point is the EASE OF USE. i'm preparing an exam on design at the university focused on that (of course not just washing machines! ): you know, the problem is that what you should need to is trying them and decide which one "fits" you the best. you should choose the one with the easyest controls (knobs, buttons, lcd touch screen panels...), the easyest way of load concernig to your body (if you are two meters tall you should choose a top load, on the other hand if you are 1.50 meters tall it could be difficult to load it from the top, isn' it?) and the necessities you require in terms of washing qualities, water and soap saving... the list is so long!
that's the same with any everyday object: we use so many stupid objects wich complicate our life instead of making it easier. (an example? phones: who can really use them in toto?) just find that ones you use the most "naturally". yeah, naturally.
check this out: "Psychology of everyday things, Coffeepot for masochists" by Donald A. Norman.
it's gonna make everyone smile...

[ December 11, 2005: Message edited by: steno druetta ]

16 years ago
no wonder why your co workers are saying "barry stinks"

Originally posted by Barry Gaunt:
Forget the washing machine: just get a cement mixer - a dual purpose approach.

16 years ago
I am planning to buy a new washing machine. I thinking of buying a front loading machine( maytag neptune|| kenmore) but when i read some reviews its very shocking saying mould problem etc.

I would like to hear ranchers opinion about this. front load washing machine owners opinion and their experience.
16 years ago
Why you want date of birth and place of birth?

Is it legal to ask that question in india?
16 years ago
To or not to use JAVASCRIPT depends on what you expecting from the site.

I use javascript to make the site for more user friendly.But i wont use JS for buisness rule validation.

I will say to have a look at some tutorials about Ajax and then you will get clear understanding and its diff between php and asp
Still waiting for those two books!!!
17 years ago
Has anyone used to test a web app using JMETER.

I added Http Request--then Http URL- rewriting Modifier.

Seems only the index.jsp is getting tested. Do I have to do something else
Can someone help me.
Thanks in advance.
17 years ago

It worked.............

Million thanks!!!
Thanks Eric. As per your suggestion I remvoved the function inside the function.

And in form submission

But checkbae is not doing anything
I have a form to validate email address and texbox. The email validation is not working. Below is my code. Can someone help me !!