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Recent posts by Aaron Hanson

I will be working on a project shortly that requires development for a client and a deployable WAR as part of the delivery (they are hosting the application themselves). The client will be signing a license agreement but we would also like to make it more difficult for them to take the code and modify it for use in other projects (which would be against the agreement).

How would I go about obfuscating a web application? Is it possible to selectively obfuscate portions of the application (stuff other than model-view code)? I'm not expecting we'll be able to completely secure the code but it would be nice to make it harder to violate the license agreement.

Are there other solutions for protecting the code given to the customer?
14 years ago
I'm working on a project for an alerting system and I wanted to bounce an idea around and see if something already exists like this or if this is a good idea. Not sure if this is the right forum, so please move this if not appropriate.

What I'm thinking of is putting together a small web application with a hypersonic db that can receive an HTTP post and add an event to the database. Then using a scheduled thread, read the records in the db and send them out to a webservice for additional processing. It would also periodically send out a heartbeat event for monitoring purposes. The only reason for not sending directly to the webservice is so if connection is broken for any reason, events can queue up and be send once the connection restores. So sort of a proxy with queuing capabilities.
15 years ago
I looked into the JMX stuff and I've got Tomcat's manager app to at least display what I'm looking for.
I've been messing around with the query strings and came up with this one for now.

Is there a way I can check the status of the connection pool using JNDI?

I'm working on a web application using Tomcat and SQL Server with the JTDS driver and I'm having concerns that I may have some stray connections open or some performance issues that I want to tweak. I'd like to make a JSP/Servlet that I can get the health information (active connections, open connections etc) about the connection pool at any given time.

Any help on how to do such a thing?
Is that because "64K should be enough for anybody"?
Just an observation.

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16 years ago
I'm sure this has been covered before so perhaps someone could point me to a discussion of it, but if not:
What is a good way of preventing multiple instances of a Java program from running on the same machine? At first I was thinking of using a file but now I'm thininking of using a port instead. Then if another instance tries to start it won't be able to listen on the same port and thus won't run.

What's the best practice for this sort of thing?
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16 years ago
Well, I got it to work and it was quite simple. All I had to do is go into the bin folder for the appropriate runtime folder and run the startserver.bat passing 'server1' as a command line argument. Then I opened my browser and logged into the admin console just like a production machine. Now I can run the server without having my IDE hogging the machine. I'm still getting the hang of all the admin stuff but it's coming along. I still sort of like working with Tomcat better.
16 years ago
Forgive my newbieness but I've been learning WebSphere at my new job and we're using WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries as the IDE. I'm getting comfortable enough with it but I was wondering if there was a way to run the server without using the IDE to start it. I see there's a runtime folder under the IDE install directory with a bunch of .bat files and I'm guessing I have everything I need I'm just not sure how to use them.

Can anyone comfirm this is possible and guide me in finding out how?

16 years ago
I have a question about logging in using an NT account with JDBC. I've been using google and stumbled across a Windows page (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;313100) that said it's not supported. I was wondering if any of the JDBC drivers can do it or how, if possible, I can accomplish this task.
In the past I've only used database user accounts.

A previous coworker of mine found this one:

We use it for one of our applications and it has worked just fine.
16 years ago
Is that all it costs? Well I'll just put in a request then. I'm sure the high ups will have no problem with that.

After more searching and playing, I'm thinking of just setting up a Wiki and then add whatever functionality in addition to that (or find plugins already available). I think that may be one of the easiest solutions and a good learning experience. I found a pretty straight forward JSP one that I'm installing to play with (JSPWiki).
17 years ago
The company I work for currently does not have any knowledge/document management system and I'd like to start putting together one to help increase system knowledge.
It doesn't have to be fancy, just better than keeping documents scattered among various network folders (the current method).
I've found one that looks good enough (http://sitr.sourceforge.net/) but I was wondering what other people use/recommend.
17 years ago
I'm using the most recent milestone of ver3 and I'm not getting the revert option. I don't get the context menu by left clicking on the 'read only' page and it's greyed out in the file menu.
Any other ideas?
When I accidentally try to modify a read only file it displays a warning page that the file is read only. Can I get back to the file contents without closing it and reopenning the file?
Are there any settings in Eclipse that control what how it handles modifying read only files?
There must be a better way than closing and reopenning the file.
Thanks for the help.
[ January 15, 2004: Message edited by: A. Hanson ]
Is there any way using Eclipse to open a project after I've closed it and have the files I was previously working on come back up in the perspective? I've been wondering if it was possible and how to do it for a while now.
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