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Recent posts by Stefan Bell

David Newton wrote:I was thinking more along the lines of providing at least a tiny little hint as to the position instead of making people dig for it.

Senior Web Application Developer
Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities
1. Develop highly complex server-side code for internal and external web applications.
2. Develop in an enterprise application environment, following industry standards and best practices as they apply to the company.
3. Write unit tests that satisfy a high code coverage percentage.
4. Assist in writing acceptance tests to ensure application functionality.
5. Resolve code defects.
6. Participate in Sprint Planning meetings.
7. Participate in daily Scrum meetings.
8. Provide time estimates for work to be completed.
9. Provide guidance to less senior developers.
10. Assist in framework selection and research as needed.
11. Other tasks and projects as assigned.

Web Application Developer
Experience with Java development is required.
Experience using Open Source frameworks is a preferred.
Knowledge of Spring, Hibernate, OOP, AOP, and/or Design Patterns is a plus.
11 years ago

David Newton wrote:Seems like a tad more information would be in order, no?!

Sorry. We are not able to provide sponsorship at this time.

11 years ago
Located in Springfield, IL

Very stable company in a very stable market. Compensation is higher than market average.

Let me know if you are interested.

11 years ago

Do you show any examples of using Spring Security with a SSO solution like CAS?

11 years ago
I saw reading through some of the posts that this book is mainly for Java developers. So, does your book cover any of the Single Sign On and the how it is implemented? Possibly when using CAS server? Thanks...
12 years ago

Originally posted by Cameron McKenzie:
As a lead developer, or heaven forbid, a project manager, I have seen much greater productivity out of my fellow developers when doing pair programming, even when they don't like it. My personal experience is that it works, and it makes developers more productive.

-Cameron McKenzie

As a lead developer and technical architect, I have experienced mixed results. Some of our most productive and talented programmers have not faired well in PP. I know what Ilja will say, but we tried different partners, coaching, basically everything and it just didn't improve. The others and particularly the junior developers thrived in it.

My two cents.
Is this the forum to discuss Metrics? I am looking for a good Metric plug-in for Eclipse? Any presences recommendations? I used to use Intelli J and loved the metric tools they had but the ones that I have found for Eclipse doesn't match them. Any help is appreciated.

Originally posted by Paul Croarkin:
In addition to "Working with Legacy Code", I'd recommend Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" book.

One of the best books ever. I would make that book required reading for all developers.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Jeanne Boyarsky:
First, a big thanks to Lasse Koskela for being here to promote the book Test Driven.

The winners are:

Axel Janssen
Pradip Bhat
Paul Croarkin
Stefan Bell

Please send your snail mail address to bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com. To ensure the quickest response, please provide the following:

Your name (first and last - preferably the one you use on Javaranch)
Phone Number

Also, please include the following as the subject of your Email.

Book Promo Winner - Test Driven - Tuesday, September 25th 2007

As noted in the Book Promotion Eligibility Requirements and Legal type stuff, the winners have 8 days to submit their information.

Thanks and congrats to all the winners.

I want to thank Lasse for all the information he has provided this week. I expected nothing less from Lasse because he has been a great information provider on the Ranch for a long time. I can't wait to read his book, I'm sure it will be awesome. I will definitely have some feedback on it for the rest of the Rancher's.

Thanks again Lasse.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Jeff Langr:

Greetings Stefan,

I've written a bit about why TDD can help you go faster, using anecdotal claims, at both and I've not seen any real research on this. The problem is that it's not very easy to take into account all the things that TDD impacts:
- time spent comprehending existing code
- ability to make changes on brittle or rigid code
- ability to sustain software over longer periods of time
- ability to accommodate changing requirements over time
- time spent debugging (or, money spent on help desk staffing, or on lost customers)
- defect rates
Many of these elements could be lumped into "quality of design."

I'm not saying that TDD is the best solution to all these challenges, but the benefits I've seen it provide in these areas is to me more than worth any slight additional initial coding effort.

From a pure coding standpoint, I've found that having tests allows me to "just code" faster, particularly once the system is past the initial "building block" phase. The ability to refactor means that I'm more likely to build tiny reusable methods and classes, which in turn improve my speed with respect to writing additional code.


Thanks Jeff.
I am trying to give my team a reason to move forward in TDD. Most are doing test last (which was an effort in itself to get them to unit test). Now to take the next step. Most are smart people and if they see documentation that it will help thier development skills and create a better product, they will try it. Some will do it because I ask them to but all ammunition that I can get for the ones that don't want to try it is good.

Thanks again...
13 years ago
I really like Beck's book "Test Driven Development by Example".
13 years ago

Originally posted by bob philbin:
One application I've written demands a great deal of database interaction, and I've not found any good way to use ATDD because of that. It seems like I'll have to write way too much code just populating tables for a given test and thus embedding new sources of error. Does your C6 (or other parts of your book) cover this? Do you have suggestions for db-intensive ATDD?

Take a look at DBUnit.
13 years ago
I have been struggled with this for quite sometime. In the past, we always put it in the project but in its own package. Meaning that all the tests were deployed with the Ear. We recently started a new project and one of the lead developers had the idea to create a test project. We don't deploy this project with the ear. It has worked out well for us but I would like to hear from others, what they do.

Lasse, do you have any recommendations on this or discuss it in the book?

13 years ago

Originally posted by mahmoud allam:
How TDD affect the testing phase in the SW life cycle?Does we need any testing if we use TDD?

Even if you use TDD for your development, there are tons that a test team can still work on. Load balance, high volume, performance testing, manual and automated testing should still be done by the test team. But your test team will appreciate it because your app should be cleaner with less for them to track.
13 years ago