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Recent posts by Derrick Kittler

I have been wanting to use NetBeans for years and have gone so far as to download, install and try to develop projects in it. Being a long-time Eclipse user it has been difficult to switch to NetBeans. Now, I am in a environment where we run JBoss AS and have JBoss support and therefore quite a few guys run JBoss Developer Studio and others that use Ganymede with the JBoss tools plug ins. These tools provide solid support for our environment (JSF/RichFaces/MyFaces + Hibernate) and I am curious how we can leverage or even think about NetBeans as a possible IDE? Is there a general strategy that should be used when considering NetBeans as an IDE? Who is the target developer? Clearly, JBoss is targeting JBoss developers with their Eclipse-based IDE ... what about NetBeans ??
Exactly, this IS the goal but has it happened? Please point to vendors or the open source community where there are examples of JSF-based apps with both say a WIN32 head, a SWT/JFace head and a web browser head. I have an application that I am in the design phase and JSF is one option but I have not found or read solid examples of where it has been deployed to the fullest. Help in this area is greatly appreciated.

18 years ago
One of the appealing aspects of using JSF is that you get an event-driven model typical of rich client apps. I have been looking at JSF for quite a while and the Oracle ADF libs and it appears JSF could be a solid replacement for MVC on Spring or Struts. Having said this, what I would like it the full power of JSF (in my mind) which would give me the ability to target multiple clients with one set of presentation logic and only having to build or otherwise customize the client. What is the reality of this? Is it possible to build and then reuse 80% or more of a standard JSF web app and only have to build or customize the 20% which would be the final UI (rich client or thin client)?
18 years ago
I ran into the following exception while moving my app from tomcat 4 to tomcat 5.

has anyone seen this exception or can you provide some insight as to what the issue is? i am using the following tag libs:

any thoughts as to what the issue is here?
thanks in advance for your help.
20 years ago
I am trying to connect tomcat to orion (actually oracle oc4j blend of orion) and i getting a javax /security/ auth/ login/ LoginException. I have to use (customer requirements) the oc4j (orion) container for ejbs and need to connect to those ejbs via tomcat. Following is the code i have in a simple test jsp that is being served from tomcat.
java.util.Hashtable env = new java.util.Hashtable();
env.put(Context. INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "RMIInitialContextFactory");
env.put( Context. PROVIDER_URL, "ormi://localhost:23791" );
env.put(Context. SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, "admin");
env.put(Context. SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, "admin_passwd");
Context ic = new RMIInitialContextFactory().getInitialContext(env);
I added the oc4jclient.jar file to $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib. It seems like this is right configuration but i still cannot even get the context without throwing the exception.
thanks is advance for your help
btw i had to de-concatinate some of longer words to meet the 30 character post maximum.
20 years ago