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Recent posts by saiprasad raut

Thank you very much Rob for your valuable suggestion.
13 years ago

I am currently undergoing a big confusion..I have worked on ASP/VB script from last 3 years. before that i was working on JSP for 1 year. Now it is the time for me to decide on whether to go for .NET or J2EE. I have completed my SCJP in 2004 mid.

I am getting diverse comments from experts from .NET and Java. I know that Java is the market leader at this point and .NET is slowly picking up (majorly in US). Though microsoft claims that .NET is secured, developer friendly...there are also advantages for using J2EE over .NET. My feeling says that to go for Java but at the same time i am thinking for .NET which is growing these days.

I request all you Gurus to give me your valuable suggestions on this front which will help me decide my goal.
13 years ago
I have also faced the same problem. In that case i copied the servlet-api.jar file in my c:\ root folder and then complied the servlet as

javac -classpath c:\servlet-api.jar

Just try this out....
Hi All,
In HFS book at page 273 it is mentioned that SSL has a built in mechanism that a servlet container could use to obtain data used to define session.

I did not get this concept.Can anybody explain me exactly what Kathy has to say???
Hi All,
In HFS book at page 273 it is mentioned that SSL has a built in mechanism that a servlet container could use to obtain data used to define session.

I did not get this concept.Can anybody explain me exactly what Kathy has to say???
Thanks guys for the help!!!
In HF book i saw the example for RequestDispatcher forwarding to JSP.
How do we forward request to Servlet?

Is it something like this?

RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("MyServlet");

rd.forward(request, response);

Let me know if this is right??
Hi All,
I am planning to appear for SCWCD in next 2 months. I got a mail from a friend that SUN is discontinuing the SCWCD. It says as follows:

Dear Candidate,

This is applicable for candidate planning Sun Microsystems exam.

The Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.3 ( Test Code � 310-080) certification exam will discontinue with effective from December 15, 2004.

Any candidate planning to give this exam has to give the same before 15th December�2004.

Anybody have any idea about this? Is this true? Is that something sun is upgrading the exam or withdrawing it?
Thank you very much for your post..

From the above code what i understood is that it is calling the startup.bat.

Actually i am trying to do the reverse thing.
i want we can do some settings in tomcat configuration so that it will call my scheduler.class and it will parallelly run with tomcat...
14 years ago
Hi There,
I want to run my java class with the tomcat instance (It means whenever the Tomcat is started, my java class should be instantiated ) The reason for doing this is that i have 'schedule reports' functionality to be implemented in my project.

For this i have written a java class (with the java.util.TimerTask)This class should continuosly run with tomcat and according to the schedule it will call the releated java class.

Can anybody tell me how to integrate my 'scheduler' class with Tomcat so that whenever tomcat is running my class should also run with it???

Thanks in advance..

14 years ago
Thank you all for your replies!!!

14 years ago
HI All,

I am working on a project in which client will schedule that he want a perticular report to be mailed to him according to the schedule he set.

Lets take an example:
Client schedules REPORT1 to be mailed to him after every week( lets say every monday)

I am maintaining a column in my SQL server 2000 database as 'Next_Runnung_Date' .

I have 2 optoins:
1. I will write a SQL job which will daily run and check the 'Next_Run_Date' column. If this matches the server current date then it should call the Java Class (But i dont know how can i call Java Class with parameter from SQL server 2000)

2. Write a Java Class (with threads) this thread will sleep for 24 hrs and after 24 hrs it will wake up and go to the database check the 'Next_running_date' column and accordingly call the other java class......
(But due to the thread will affect my server performance...)

IS there any ohter way to do? is anybody of you have came across such situations before???

Please let me know...
Thanks in advance...

14 years ago

I cleared SCJP with 77% today. I am not satisfied with the score..but can't help

I would like to share some tips (which i experienced)
1. Don't get tensed at the time of exam (My score went down mainly because of the tension....)
2. Even if you are going to mock exams like Dan's or Marcus Green, don't make an impression that the questions (and topics) covered in the exams will be the same in the main exam. I found some questions which i never seen before (i would appreciate the JCP question makers ....the questions are little tricky)
3. When you see the question, the questions are put in such a way the by looking at the question you try to concentrate on the one part but the actual problem would be very different.(like question will ask you about the threads and the problem will be something which is related to inner classes)

This is what my experience is. It may differ person to person...But i thought i should share it with you guys....

Anyway...i am thankful to all ranchers who helped me in solving my questions.

I would recommend (who are appearing for exam) to go to Corey's tip site and have a look at the blog. Corey....Great Work...

15 years ago
Thanks Corey and Dan for the replies.

So for the exam, should i go ahead with the consideration that a and b is false?

By the example of Dan it seems so...