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Sorry for not being able to reply sooner.
Till recently I have had worked with J2EE as an architect/lead developer for a while now. That has obviously helped me for the exam.
As for books I had read the standard books such as Richard Monson's EJB, JMS. I had read and applied the GoF Design Pattern book in my work. So no special reading there for the exam. As for UML, I've been working with it for several years. Would recommend the book 'UML Distilled' for beginners and it is enough for the exam.
Specifically for certification I studied the one by Allen and Bambara. I think it helped me get to know the exam pattern and the topics covered.
Someone asked if the books are available in India. Sorry, I dont know about that but assume these should be available there. I've been working in US for more than a decade now.
Hope to make some time to work on Part II.
Good luck to all preparing to be SCEA.
- Shiv
Passed SCEA Part I yesterday.
Many questions are scenario based and are interesting. Lot of questions where you'll have to click to see the exhibit.
The difficulty of the test really depends on your experience with J2EE and your preparedness for the exam (two different things). Some questions seem to be designed for people new to J2EE. May be SUN doesn't want to scare people off this exam.
Overall an enjoyable experience studying for the exam and going through it.
In case you care, here is my score: 95%.
Someday I may take Part2.

Thanks for all the valuable info on this board. I enjoy this community for its spirit.
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Sorry Whizlabs, but I have to post my experience and opinion about SCEA mock:
It did not add much value to me, even though the scenario based questions are well designed. What dissappointed me is that it is basically a list of some 200+ questions with answers. For that a price of $89.95 is too high.
It didn't teach me much more than what I already know from working with J2EE for a few years. Also a few answers are incorrect.
I thought even though I have implemented J2EE apps. sitting in an exam is a whole different story. So wanted to know what is involved in SCEA and to test my preparedness for exam. Maybe that is the purpose of your software. If so then the price doesn't justify.
If you really want to add value (of $90) then add material for Part2 and 3.
Javaranch links posted in the previous reply and yahoo group for scea-prep is more than enough.
Please dont waste money(and time) on commercially available test simulation software.
Yes. That is a pretty good reference.

Question about SCEA Part II.
Is this only a design assignment or do I have to create a working prototype?
For design does SUN require/recommend any specific methodologies to follow (RUP etc)?
I assume that a working prototype is not necessary (although I think it is a good idea).
I would appreciate any input.