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Recent posts by Kevin Onik

Hi Syam and thanks for your reply.

Originally posted by Syam Sathyan:
I see from your post a 150 image array, this is bad.
A 2mb heap is extravagant, and i havent seen it in s40(maybe the phone you are trying is exceptional)

All of 150 images only occupy 220kb of ram wich is very low but I have a greater performance when displaying them. compare 220kb to the 2mb of heap size! It's only the 10% of heap size

Originally posted by Syam Sathyan:
Load the images in a separate thread and log the exception stack trace to see how many got loaded.Then that much is the devices memory barrier.

Thanks man , I will try that.
[ May 11, 2008: Message edited by: Kamyar Onikzeh ]
13 years ago
Hi everyone.
I have developped an application for mobile banking ...
The problem is it works fine on any SonyErricson and nokia phones except nokia S40 series .

The error is : Out of memory error

I cash images into ram at startup (in an array of Images exactly 150 images ) everything goes fine except S40 that stops loading images to memory with the mentioned Exception !
I use the memory profiler and it shows that the maximum JVM used ram is about 240kb and I know the spec for the phone I'm testing the app on it (Nokia 5310) has a limit of 2mb heap size.

what do you suggest???
13 years ago
Thanks for reply ...
I know that I can invent a port, but my problem is I don't know the sender on which port is sending the message ! on which port shold I listen for it? for example if I listen on port 1234 is it OK? the sender is sending sms by his/her regular phone ( not from any j2me app ) so what can I do to recive the SMS ?
thanks again
15 years ago
Dear friend! Thanks for your replys
Something funny ... I was using JBuilder's archive maker for generating jar file,I tried to generate it by SDK and everything went fine! the content of both files are identical (including jad file )but the one which JBuilder is making can't be installed on the phone!
anyway thanks for your time !
15 years ago
Hi friends.
How can I get SMS port , to use in my App ? (Sorry if the quastion is dummy !!! I'm new to J2ME )
I mean I want to recieve SMS(s) comming from a number but I don'tknow in which port should I listen for it???

Is it possible to listen for a specific number on any port ?
[ October 05, 2006: Message edited by: Kamyar Onikzeh ]
15 years ago
Thanks Dear Theodore for your reply...
I've signed it and does not want to work again!!!
15 years ago
Hi friends.
I'm new to J2ME and trying to execute a sample App on my phone (Nokia 3230).
The problem is when I'm trying to install the app phone prompts: "authorization failed" and installer quits!
This is the code I'm trying to test ! Sorry it's very simple but I have problems with that!

and ...

[ October 05, 2006: Message edited by: Kamyar Onikzeh ]
15 years ago
Thanks man !!! BUt the problem has changed!
Your code and mine are fine with default look and feel ! but ....
When I use Alloy lookAndFeel the problem arises as I mentioned before!

How cold this happen???
Test the code above with Alloy lookAndFeel !?!?!
15 years ago
Hi friends.
I have a funny problem:

In a panel with GridBagLayout ,I have a JTextField witch has bean added to panel by this parameters :

myPanel.add(myJTextField, new GridBagConstraints(2, 1, 1, 1, 1.0, 0.0, GridBagConstraints.EAST, GridBagConstraints.HORIZONTAL, new Insets(2, 0, 0, 5), 1, 0));

It's set to be resized Horizontally when the form resizes! The problem is when the user types in this text field and reaches the end of in (Visualy I mean ) the myJTextField resizes itself to a bigger size !!!

what should I do to prevent this ? and I don't want to use setMax.... and such methods. I want it to be resized only when the panel resizes , not when the user types in it!!! ....

15 years ago
Hi friends . I have an Applet that contains 2 JPanels, each of them represent a function in system. In page A.jsp , the Applet will show JPanel_A and in page B.jsp , the Applet will show JPanel_B . Now the problem is , after showing page A when page B shows the applet is just a white panel and when mouse goes around it each component the mouse crosses it , shows up !!! If I minimize the page and then maximize it the applet (panel it contains ) shows up OK! I have this problem only with IE and in other browsers like Firefox and mozila , the mensioned problem doesn't exist!!!
this is the code for the applet :

Please help me !!

16 years ago
HI friends .
Can anyone tell me how many concurrent requests can be handeled by weblogic 8 ???
I know it depends on hardware limitations but... is there an average for it?
For example with Tomcat it's about 200...
16 years ago
Hi friends I have a problem with an app designed to use Webstart at the client side and j2EE at the server ...

look at this part of code :

//sendRequest define URL to connect...
URL myURL = new URL("http://myServer:8080/myApp/servlet/" + ServletName);
URLConnection urlConn = myURL.openConnection();
//write data

ObjectOutputStream outputToServlet = new
//sendRequest write...
// context is the object containing the information provided by client
//app and have to send to server side to be proccesed by a servlet.

as you can see it's so simple and works perfectly without
any problem when you run it without webstart at the client side.
But when I try to launch it through .JNLP it doesn't works!

please help me...
[ September 08, 2004: Message edited by: Kamyar Onikzeh ]
17 years ago
Hi there.

I'm new to DB and have a quastion.

How actually DB2 or Oracle works when you run a transaction which contains
for example 10 updates?

which one is correct?

1- copies the rows going to be updated to a temp space -->
writes the updates directly to the main table -->
if Commit happens -- > it's OK! and forgets the temp space
if Rollback happens --> rewrites the temp space to the original table

2- inserts the updates to a temp space -->
if Commit happens --> replaces the old rows in the table with new ones
if Rollback happens --> nothing going to do with the original table and forgets about the temp space

could anyone please describe it with a refrence from IBM or Oracle

Thank you in advance.
thank you for your reply
I have tried it but the problem is still there! :roll:

any other suggestions please?
17 years ago
Hi friends.
I have a JPanel that displays on the screen,( let the user set some changes
to the program) then when the user clicks on a button I use
myJPanel.setvisible(false) to hide it . Now the problem is
sometimes something like the shade of that panel (!?!) keeps appearing on the screen! this is not the bug with my graphic card or something else . I had heard a there is method to free the memory JVM used for diplaying the panels or frames & can use it when there is no need for that panel or ... . Can anyone help me?

17 years ago