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poornima viswa

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since Nov 18, 2000
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Recent posts by poornima viswa

I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering and have 3 years of IT experience. I have completed my scjp2 in Jan 2001 with 81%. I am looking for a job as java programmer in SanJose area. Anyone interested can contact me.
22 years ago
I took the exam on friday and passed it with 81% thanks to all of them who answered the questions and made the doubts clear. and thanks for Maha for giving such a great page of info about the exam it really did help me a lot.
thanks all of you
22 years ago
Read the following code and can anybody explain how the code works
class Dumb{
Object y = new X();
String in1 = y.toString();
public static void main(String[] args){
new Dumb();
class X {
public void m (Object x)
System.out.println("In m "+x);
public String toString()
System.out.println("ToSTring in Tostring");
return "123";
Thank you i understood the flow now
I was just missing the increment that takes place in the for loop
Read the following code
public class test{
public static void main(String[] args){
for(int i=0; i<10;++i){
if(i%3 ==0)throw new Exception("EO");
}catch(Exception inner){
if(i%3==0)throw new Exception("EI");
}catch(Exception outer){
can anyone explain how i get the output as 4 5
thankx in advance
thankx Aru and Sivaram
consider the code below
import java.awt.*;
public class TestFrame extends Frame
Button bNorth = new Button("North");
Button bSouth = new Button("South");
Button bEast = new Button("East");
Button bWest = new Button("West");
Button bCenter = new Button("Center");
public TestFrame()
setLayout(new FlowLayout());
setLayout(new BorderLayout());
public static void main(String args[])
TestFrame tf = new TestFrame();
Will compile and run cleanly, but no component is visible.
I thought last button added will appear in the centre of the frame but why nothing is visible in the frame.
Thankx bill i got the answer. I am posting the following which i had a doubt before but now i am clear about the answer
if("String".replace('g','G') == "String".replace('g','G'))
System.out.println("Not Equal");
output Not Equal
if("String".replace('T','t') == "String")
System.out.println("Not Equal");
output is Equal
Read the following codes:
if ("String".toString() == "String")
System.out.println("Not Equal");

The above code complies and prints "Equal"
Now consider the code below:
if(" String ".trim() == "String")
System.out.println("Not Equal");
This code complies and prints Not Equal.
My doubt is i thought it would print Equal because since "String" is already present in the pool,the complier does not create a new copy but refers to the existing one in the pool
Why is the above program printing "Not Equal"
This code is from a mock exam
please read the code below and tell me why it gives an output as 5,8 i thought it would be 2,5,8.
I think i am not able to understand the flow of the program, can anyone please explain this to me

Thankx in advance

****I added UBB code to make this more readable, Bill ****
[This message has been edited by bill bozeman (edited December 12, 2000).]
I am geting an error "cant specify array dimension in declaration i[0] = 1;"
can anyone clarify why i am getting this error.
In BorderLayout'
add(component,BorderLayout.NORTH)== add("North,component)
According to RHE, The default priority is 5, but all newly created threads have their priority set to that of the creating thread.
char is an unsigned intergral type.
whenever there is a matching catch for the exception thrown in the try block, the program
-Terminates the try block
-Executes body of the matching catch block.
-Executes finally block if present
-continue normal flow after the catch block.
if you do not provide a matching catch block to an exception thrown, then the method termintates after executing the finally block if it is present.
I am not able to understand the topics
1. collection API
2. File input and output
3. Streams, Readers and Writers
can anyone guide me as to what i should refer to get a good explation on these topics from the basics.
I have a doubth.
i think null is not a java keyword nor is a reserved word.
can anyone clarify this
thanks in advance.