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Ok it sounds like i got it now. I just couldnt understand why people were using Comboxes, maybe because i couldnt bring myself around to think that these were to cache (all) unique field data from the database.
Sometimes, its just not easy to let reality go.
1. So u accept that client search must match all of the text in a record field (Because you filled comboboxes with full field data for later searching, right?).
2. How are you integrating the two searches (both on server or mixed between client and server).
3. On findByCriteria, we must all implement this method but did u also find this was redundant? I mean with the prefix search.
4. Can u exapnd on your wildcard. It sounds like it was a once only thing to fill the cmboxes, but have you taken into account that new records maybe added, and they wont show up.
Apologies if im asking too much, but i think i'm just starting to get it, and will get once these questions are answered.
You seem to be on the ball with the search criteria issue, but i am having a hard time understanding it.
I've completed and doc'ed the project yet still am not satisfied about the result. Especially search criteria.
Requirements statement:
"It must allow the user to search the data for all records, or for records where the name and/or location fields exactly match values specified by the user. "
Its difficult to accept that this means anything other than, the field in the database (location/hotel name in this project) must match the whole string that the user typed. This means that there will be no wildcard searches.
It also seems that the findByCriteria method in Data class is unnecessary since the criteria it receives comes from the user, so, why perform a prefix search when all of the field must be matched?
I have 2 text boxes for searching. Its just not logical that the user has to
type exactly all text to match all of the text in a database record field.
Please enlighten me.
in summary,
1. UpdatedRecord method call updates a currently valid record.
2. CreateRecord method call "updates" the deleted record with the new values.
Thanks, i really appreciate this,
Hi Bharat,
This URLy bird project looks cryptic to me. U state that u do not allow the client to view any deleted records. My concern is
1. Can u explain what happens to the deleted record. Do we compress the file or mark it deleted and reuse. And if we do delete, how does this record ever get re-used since the requirement states that the update method throws RecordNotFoundException, meaning if trying to update deleted record , throw an e!
There is talk of adding new records to this database. Does this mean:
2. we can willy nilly add new records to the database, and if we can under what conditions do we do so, do we add a record as long as we have keep the hotel name and location or are there other factors.
I am really puzzled about this.
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[ September 12, 2003: Message edited by: Jim Brown ]