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Recent posts by Ed Tse

Originally posted by Balakrishnan Viswanathan:
Hi All

I have just completed SCWCD and have started getting books for SCBCD.
Can you please let me know whether
a.) Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API (Pro) and
b.) Head First EJB..

alone will help me getting through SCBCD

Waiting for your reply...

I heard that head first ejb is dated and it's not for ejb 3.0
It depends on some test centers. I wrote mine during the week between christmas and new year and the test center I went to have all the time slots available.
You flopped on your GUI, what happened? j/k. Congratulations. When did you submit your exam?
Congratulations. When did you write your exam?

Originally posted by Herman Scheltinga:
hi Ed,

I did not implement any restrictions on the date of booking and justified that in my documentation (I already forgot the name of that document).


I am just scared by implementing a restriction on not allowing to book records that have past, the person who marks my exam uses a db full of records dated in 2006 and he will fail my app for not being able to book anything.

Originally posted by Alex Belisle Turcot:

- How can you perform a full search ?

By typing text in the Search for textfield.

- How can you trigger the search with criteria ? hitting "Enter" ? There is no button to trigger it? Not clear.. without being able to try it, just looking at it, I don't know how to do it.

It's an incremental search like search in firefox, so it searches as you type, so there is no need to have a search button.

- "Clear search" feels like a "Perform Search" button.


[ December 17, 2007: Message edited by: Alex Belisle Turcot ]

Originally posted by Alex Belisle Turcot:

I don't how much you're allowed to post that... I believe it might be against the certification/forum rules.


I reread the FAQ on the rules, the goal is not to disclose the question of the exam, which I didn't. Another rule is not not copy and paste big chunk of code solution which I didn't. I have only post a Swing GUI, I hope I did not break any rule of this forum.

Originally posted by Alex Belisle Turcot:

still, some minor tips..

- It is not clear to me what "Search for" is. Maybe it's related to your assignment and it's fine (I'm doing B&S)..

It's a full search, so if a string is specified there, every field would be able to match it. I agree it's kind of confusing.

- Also, you might want to check the alignment of your "Book" button.

Oh yeah, the Inset is not set. Thanks.

- I never thought of the "and/or" search that way.. If the client chooses "Or", than you perform 2 Searches and concatenate them ? I think it's a nice feature.

I actually didn't use the under layer db search as I find concatenating kind of useless, I search in the application level from all the DB record. Do you think there is a problem with that implementation?

- Do you have a scrollbar when the windows is smaller ?

Yes, a vertical scrollbar.

- I like the feature of "filtering".

- I personally think the options are jammed together at the bottom. Maybe you could put "Filter" on top, just below the menu, and then extend the "book panel" so that the book button is on the right of its field.

Hmm, I will think about that.

- You can click on "Clear" when no values are in. Maybe it could be nice to disabled/Enable it (same as you seem to do for "book"). Or maybe not, maybe it introduce errors, when your typing in the field, the button does not know yet that values are inserted... You figure it out

- Your book section, is it really "Book Menu" or should be something else than "Menu" ? You did not put "Menu" for the 2 other sections. Maybe "Booking" would be better suited.

Okay, I'll change that.

- I see you put the first letter of every words in capital letter, except "Filter options".

I did my best.


[ December 17, 2007: Message edited by: Alex Belisle Turcot ]

Thank you so much, it's always good to have 2nd pair of eye.
I will submit my jar next week. Please provide any comment

Image of my App

I chose not to implement the 48 hour rules but have made availability date that is later than today unbookable. For testing purpose, I have set today's date as 7/27/2005.
You shouldn't remove anything that javadoc built for you
When you click on the button, did you call fireTableDataChanged() on the TableModel? The JTable has a listener on the TableModel.
I tried to look through the threads but I still am not clear. The method depended on the Connection Factory to have a data object created for each remote client. I thought the requirement to implement that in the data class so that whoever that is using DBMain Interface not using all the business layer or what so ever can be able to identify the client that called lock and unlock. I am so confused.
Great score, may I ask what do you think you are missing from your GUI?

Do you have the following:
mnemonics on all the buttons and textfield labels?
Accelerators on the menu items?
are all components tab browsable?
Do you have graphics on your button?
Are your columns sortable?
Did you gray out unbookable items? (or has options to filter out unbookable itmes)

I am just wonder because this is all I did, and I don't know what to do more to get better score.
17 years ago
oh, it's good to know that. Back to the drawing board.