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Recent posts by John Bateman

Napster is going to be rebranded by "Someone" I forget who, and you will be able to buy a CD of music that can be a list of songs from multipl diffrent artists. Like your own 'favs' CD.
21 years ago
This isn't a picture from any shuttle.
Notice there are no clouds and you can't acvtually see the 'shelf' floor of the ocean from space.
It's a darn nice picture though.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:

so far off topic it's not even funny
Love your book man.
21 years ago
** Questionable language... be warned **

My quick summarized comment.... Best movie yet. And I am very very critical of the movies. Maybe it's becaue I disliked Part 1 soo much. I mean I'll admit they repeated a lot of stuff (The asteroid scenes and the Obi Wan vs Jango scene reminded me of Luke vs Darth in Cloud City. But I loved it nonetheless.

But.. the icing onthe cake....

Count Dooku> Well it seemes we won't be able to decide this battle based on our mastery of the force. Let us have our skills with a lightsabre decide.
Yoda> Alot you have learned my former Padewan learner.
Count Dooku *Thinking*> Man I'm gonna kick this little runts a$$.
Yoda *Pulling a classic Bruce Lee stance> My Bitch.. you are!!
Well I have to admit, I lost it in the theatre when I saw that scene. Gave me damn goosebumps. People went nuts, cheering YODA YODA it was awesome. And to think I thought Yoda was all mouth.
I am soo buying the movie when it comes out JUST for that scene.
I bet the animators who had to put that scene together had a blast doing it.
I can just see it...
Animator 1 to Animator 2> Oh $hit, check this out. We have Yoda pull out his sabre, jump in the air, triple spin, flip, side kick, hack left, hack right, force push, back kick, slice left/right, hack down, sidesweep, sidesweep, back flip, run on the wall and break open Dooku's face!
Animator 2> Whoa... cool man. But wait who about we make him look like the Tasmanian Devil from Bug Bunny cartoons while he's doing it?
Animator 1> This job soo rocks!!
21 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
David Brin has it exactly right. How can we forgive Darth Vader at the end of the series when he is guilty of so much murder? Because he had a tough childhood? What a crock!
Episode I is the perfect description of the series. Absolutely no thoughtful plot... just a bunch of "gee-whiz" special effects. I'd rather go see "Lord of the Rings" again.

Here Here!!!
I just read the Brin article and one thing that ALWAY bothered me was that Vader was 100 times worse than any Hitler and yet he's a loving , caring father in the end who's a hero to the galaxy.
What an incredible twist on our morality to try passing that one off.
Now, from what I heard, anakin's 'love' for Amidala is what will turn him to the Dark Side.
(Tickets for 7:00pm show by the way. Cause those Jedi Knight clone War scene are just way too cool to pass up.)

I'm quite curious on how the coming 'clone' war will be diffrent than the robot war of the last movie. The robots were all the same and there were endless amounts of them fighting for the "Empire" (or Trade Federation)... The clones are all the same and there are endless amounts of them fighting for the Empire (or Trade Federation)....WTH?
21 years ago

Originally posted by Ashik uzzaman:
How good is JBoss as a J2EE server and EJB server? I am finding a good one and so need some alternative suggesions other than JBoss also...

What is your criteria for the search. What would be a 'good' server? Cheap, load balanced, best security etc?
Alternatives (no particular order):
- BEA Weblogic
- IBM Websphere
- Orion
- Oracle IAS
- Sybase
- Silverstream
- Resin EJB

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:
[QB]I know, and it is really tough to find someone who is an expert and really knows this answer. That would be the only reason why I wouldn't go EJB is the infancy of the technology. We tried it at our work, and it didn't work, but not because of the EJBs but because of Reporting, and finding good people.
I agreee wholeheartedly. We had the same problem here 6 months ago. Inexperienced EJB programmers with large over head on the EJB side. Took awhile to narrow it all down but it was more due to the fact that they programmers didn't know how to implement the Entity Bean model properly.
The one thing to understand though is that the inherit reflection needed doe the app server to do all that code for you (in the case of CMP) will add overhead no matter how good the yours or the app servers JDBC code is.
We did a lot of testing to prove this and now what we 'usually' do is use the "fast lane reader" pattern to get lists and info that is read only by using JDBC directly to the database. When we need the transactions, security and isolation of the container (and don't want to write our own custom model), we use the CMP/BMP model for Entity Beans.
This has been successfull performance wise for a large ERP application running the EJB 1.1 specs and I suspect it gets even better when you move into EJB 2.0.
You'll see that it is a very fine balance of 'when to use what' to get the best performance for the least headaches on your system.

Originally posted by Paul Stevens:
23 Pieces of Cheese in the Hamburglars Belly

21 years ago
Sorry folks I just have to vent.
After being on the Ranch for over 2 years (I know that this could be a surprise to some but it's true.. and I've been pretty active, just flying under the radar) [post: 400 coming up]
I just have to get this off my chest.
I now have a habit of skipping every message that doesn't use them as I get a damn headache trying to read these messages with no formatting.
Glad to get that off my chest...
Thank you!
21 years ago

Originally posted by Marcus Green:
No, the Coriolis Exam Prep book is much better than RHE, er wait a minute, I have not received any royalties, quick buy RHE instead

If they would have at least left me a website I could go to for errata and corrections I would be less upset at them.
Since I read Marcus's letter AND the report on I've returned my copy of their book. Not becuase I don't like Mr Green and Mr Brogden Au contraire I respect and enjoy them sharing their knowledge with a peasant like myself . But I won't spend my money for them to get pushed into a corner and accept a 20% 'pay off' not to sue, pursue copyright etc etc etc.
Marcus, Bill, if you get the copyrights to your book and republish (which I think you should do) I'll re-buy the book then. I tutor some java programmers and one thing I'm reccommending is they all get certified as they have no real world experience.
I'll gladly continue to push your book once you're getting paid for it. It's the least I can do after all the info/help you've shared with all of us.
In aaddition, if I fail the Cert I'm blaming Coriolis.
[ May 14, 2002: Message edited by: John Bateman ]
21 years ago

Originally posted by <erich brant>: out of business!

And (the publisher of Examcram)
Out of Business!

Damn, I just bought one of their books yesterday.
Maybe I should look for something with a bit more support.
21 years ago
Some code and some commentsa to further explain this 'phenomenon'.

[ May 13, 2002: Message edited by: John Bateman ]

I'm using A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification. It, like any good certification book, will walk you through each section that is covered by the exam

Another comment..
This book is the king, I use it as a resource for all my junior programmers and not just for certification study.
"What's the point of Abstract vs Interface".
<me> "Read this" (throws the 'Programmers Guide' at the noob)

jumping from topic to topic never getting a complete view of the ENTIRE subject.[/QB]

I agree totally. A Book is a good structured trip through the various language issues.
I also think you'll notice from my profile I've been hangin out on the Ranch for awhile, I have the saddle sores to prove it, and won't be too shy to post my questions here.
I was more concerned that the cert books I have being complete and up to date. I did talk to a Sun rep this morning and they said that their exam covers JDK 1.2 only. They are in the works for making a JDK 1.4 cert that will be 'released' soon.
Personally I'm not too worried about passing, I've been doing Java for over 3 years, but, I have no AWT/Swing experience and was wondering if I had up to date info.
Apparrantly my books are still 'good'.
Go Check out the "Cattle Drive".
Have fun.
21 years ago