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Recent posts by Alexei Vinogradov

97%, 47 of 48.

Very easy, very good questions (in contrary to Whizlabs)! None (or almost none)of questions with doubtful answers. Rather easy as to me.

I wonder if i can get through Part II as easy as well :-)
None question on EJB 2.0?
Hi everybody,

perhaps not a new question. I found in FAQ, SCEA is based on J2EE 1.2, EJB 1.1.

Is it still true?
Does Sun plan to "update" on J2EE 1.4?

Originally posted by Krithika Anandan:
I am not able to login also.. Not sure where I am going wrong. I tried all the links that is given in this forum to check my result - no luck. I tried to check my result through

I AM able to login everywhere, but the results are nevertheless missing :-). Ok let us hope, somebody from Sun staff will notice our requests :-)

ich have no status of my exam, neither at sun.integral nor at Cert. Manager, nor at Prometrics. Am i alone here?
I have written to sunbeta, but have still no answer..
[ July 26, 2004: Message edited by: Alexei Vinogradov ]
Had my exam today.
My opinion:
1. Too many Typoes (print mistakes). Shame on Sun. Although they had 300 question, one could look for typoes... I had one question: "please choose two from:" with singe-choice avaible!
2. Some questions are rahter bad formed. imho they had multiple answers, depeneding on point of view.
3. You cannot review "drag&drop" questions. If you try, you are required do it anew.
4. I had some questions about Service Oriented Architecture. Was it on the list of Objectives?
5. I have found too many question on XML-Schema.

Some questions were easy, sometimes you can answer, if you simply deduct the absolutly wrong answers
Were there questions about:

SwA (Soap with Attachment)
Some featchers that are not allowed in WS-I BP (not counting those about WS-I BP itself)?
Was there any chance to "look up" some answers in another questions?
For example to find "valid" elements in the valid code snippets from another question?

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:
"xmlparserv2 from IAS_HOME/lib is bound "
What do you mean by this. It sounds like it is using the jar from Oracle and won't use you classes in your Jar, so either put your jar first in the ClassPath, or remove Oracle's from the ClassPath.

They are not in the classpath variable. What could help was <web-app-class-loader> element with search-local-class=true. But it did not really help,
cause he tried to use the SAXParserFactory from "oracle 9.0.3" xmlparserv2.jar and not from mines.. do not know why...
16 years ago
Hi all,
i have a problem.
My web application uses bc4j for orion server (jbo). I have ported it to Tomcat 4.x without too much effort. But porting to IAS 9.0.3 seems to be the hell. BC4J (JBO) uses xmlparserv2.jar & xalan.jar & xerces.jar and runs fine at any platform, BUT when startin 9.0.3 the xmlparserv2 from IAS_HOME/lib is bound and it is not compatible with my own xmlparserv2 from application's /WEB-INF/lib. I have got NoSuchMethodError if I use new xmlparserv2 with my app, and the same problem when i use the older xmlparserv2 with IAS 9.0.3.
The only idea that i have in the moment is to rebuild all bcj4/jbo components from orion to the newest of oracle, but the would be a big headache...
Any other ideas?
[ December 23, 2003: Message edited by: Alexei Vinogradov ]
16 years ago
Q. Which of the following are true regarding Stateful Session beans?
-a. Stateful Session beans can not have more than one ejbCreate methods
+ b. Stateful session beans serve only one client at a time
if bean==instance, "-" else. (bad quest.)
+c. Stateful session beans can remember anything from the previous business method call
here bean==instance, for sure.
+d. Stateful session bean can interact with any database using JDBC
why not?
-e. In the ejbPassivate method of a Stateful session bean, we should release any resources a bean may be holding.
not any
Q. Assume an Entity Bean �AccountBean� with Remote Interface �Account�, Home Interface �AccountHome� and Primary Key Class �AccountPK�. What should the return value of the ejbCreate() signature in AccountBean be ?
a. AccountPK
Q. Following are some statements about Message-driven beans.
+1. A message-driven bean does not have a remote or home interface.
+2. A message-driven bean can have only one business method.
-3. A message-driven bean can send error messages to clients through Exceptions defines in the JMS API only.
no Exceptions
-4. A message-driven bean can be stateful or stateless.
-5. A message-driven bean can find out the security identity of the message producer through deployment descriptor.
no client, no identity.

Q) The transaction setting attribute for a bean is �Required� in the Deployment Descriptor. A client calls this bean without starting its own transaction. Which of the following will occur ?�
b. The bean will start its new transaction but the transaction context will end when the beans business method ends its execution.
Q. Which of the following statements about EJB Deployment Descriptor are false?
b. Deployment Descriptors, since they are in XML format are best suited for transporting enterprise beans back and forth between various systems.
Hi all,
what make the implementation of singleton with getInstance() static method and private constructor more attractive as a plain class with only static methods? Only that former is "object-oriented" ?
Or are there some other differences that i do not see?
16 years ago
I did not quite get it.
as Bean Provider I make use of the entity bean from my session bean.
i am looking it up with ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/Account");
and defining it in DD as <ejb-local-ref> ...ejb/Account..
Why am I doing so? It works fine if I just use of
ctx.lookup("ejb/Account"); along with deploying my Entity in
JNDI "ejb/Account" with vendor specific DD-XML.
I cant do without that latter step anyway, can I?