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Recent posts by Javi Moreno

Yes, Head First EJB rocks but you should also read the EJB especification to archieve a great score .
i have just read it in one mock exam:

The table 2 on page 80 on EJB specification states that an enterprise bean may be accessed in the ejbCreate method; however, since a transaction context is unspecified for this method, the behaviour of executing ejbCreate() is not guaranteed by the container

[ April 30, 2004: Message edited by: Javi Moreno ]
mmmmmmmmmmm oks, then (if it means transaction context OR security context) why can't you access a resource manager from afterComptetion(), this method runs with an unspecified transaction context but DOES has security context..and the specs says it can't.
Thanks again!
This is my first post and as english is not my mother tongue the less i write -> the less i'll be wrong ;-). Here we go:
The spec says that it's allowed to access a Resource manager in ejbCreate, ejbRemove..ejbPassivate methods of a CMTSFB. Oks, but after says:

Accessing resource managers and enterprise beans is disallowed in the session bean methods
for which the Container does not have a meaningful transaction context or client security context.


The ejbCreate<METHOD>, ejbRemove, ejbPassivate, and ejbActivate methods
of a session bean with container-managed transaction demarcation execute with an unspecified
transaction context. Refer to Subsection 17.6.5 for how the Container executes methods
with an unspecified transaction context.

Any help?
Thanks, javi.