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hi minu

u hav to buy a voucher for the exam first. it will cost u some Rs.7500. just check out if they hav any offers. when i bought b4 sept 30, i got it 4 6000. for that u hav to send a dd to sunmicrosystems, bangalore. then u will get the voucher .u can take the exam b4 11 months. for taking the exam u hav to book abt a week in advance in the prometric testing centre.
to get the prometric test centre go to

this url and give the client name as sun microsystems
then u can c all the centres.
newayz to check if there r any offers just email to
with ur queries. u will get a reply in 2 days.
further queries u can clarify with the phone nos u get in the reply from sun
i am not sure whether these are the right nos.
just verify in bangalore telephone directory
080 2298989
080 2295412
extn 87475

thank u very much
i now hav a very clear idea.
can somebody plz tell me the difference between primitives and literals
thank u
i read that we cannot use keywords as identifiers.
but there was no prblem either with compiling or running the following program which is as follows
public class Literal{
public static void main(String args[]){
int assert=150;

the same is the case with String. can somebody plz clarify . also plz letme know if there are some other keywords that can b used as identifiers.
thank u