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Recent posts by Yogesh Kodgule

for handling the Encoding and Decoding of the Asn1 types (as IA5String and OctetString belong to Asn1 types), varioud encode / decode methods are used.
Some of them are:
1) Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
2) Packed Encoding Rules (PER)
3) DER
4) OER
BER follows Tag-Length-Value (TLV) Format and is simple.PER follows a complicated steucture and hence is a complex process. But PER Encoded values are more compact as compared to BER.

Hope this may help you a bit!
16 years ago
hi all
I would like to know:
What is the concept behind the usage of AspectJ?
How can it be advantageous for java community?
What things one should avoid while using AspectJ?
or any helpful links will do.

But I am eager to know the views of the community using it and non using ppl too.

What d u say?
Yogesh Kodgule :roll:
16 years ago
Hi all!

I am extending the JComponent and making my own component.

I wan't this component to be dragged. How can I do that?
To be more specific I am supposed to create a Toolbar and this component on it. I wan't it to be dragged to another panel and have an instance of it there.

Can you suggest some suitable ways for this? What APIs shall be helpful?

Any kind of help is appreciated.

Yogesh :roll:
16 years ago
Does that worked?
16 years ago
Thanks Darin!
Thanks for opening a new door of java API for me.
You love regex and i love java....ultimately both feel satisfied.

thanks to Ahmed too ...as he posed the question and things came this way.
And the obvious thanks to the whole Java Community, who make my Java Coding experience as smoother as possible.

Best regards,
16 years ago
I think u are using getText() before the action of the button click is happening(Or before the text itself is entered). Logically the user should enter his answer in the text field and then hits Enter or clicks on the Next Button. In this action handling, you should retrieve the text and then proceed with other tasks.

Or this is what you r doing and still unable to get the text?

if so, then plz try to share the piece of code...!

Also I would suggest to set some trial text by using setText() and try to get this one by getText() somewhere , print on console and do some trial nd error stuff.

Yogesh Kodgule
16 years ago
U r just making an instance of a filechooser. JVM itself takes care of doing the in depth manipulations as it by itself dtermines what kind of OS u r working on and gets an instance of that systems's file chooser for you. Just what you need to do is use the java methods to access the component you wan't to manipulate. Then modify the component and replace it or say in your case remove it.

So I think it is possible to do that.
Offcourse ... the Swings experts here can correct me if i m wrong.

So let me know the result.

[ June 25, 2004: Message edited by: Yogesh Kodgule ]
16 years ago
hi Darin!

I read ur post here and u mentioned something about "regex". I understood what u explained here.
I was totally unaware of this thing in java and am very much excited to know more and more about any such things in java.

Can u please refer me to any Link where I can study and understand such things.
Thanks in advance,

Yogesh Kodgule
16 years ago
I have a vague idea how to do that, but I am sure it (the following) works.... try with some manipulations and let me know..

Use the method:
getComponents() of java.awt.Container for the file chooser u r using.
public Component[] getComponents()Gets all the components in this container.

an array of all the components in this container.

Now here you will get all the components and you can address the exact one, which you want to modify. Do your manipulation and update the FileChooser.

Try it out, hope it may help you, nd let me know ....if it works .!!

Yogesh Kodgule
"Thinking of doing something is also doing something ...so don't just stop thinking!"
16 years ago
Why? You can use getText() method of the JTextField class.
Or you are using it and not able to retrieve through that?
16 years ago
one more thing...i forgot to mention.

just check if u r having that image under the same directory as ur java files are.
best practice could be store all the images under 'images' directory which u can have under ur current working directory.
and the u refer ur images as ...say in ur case..."\images\gogreen.gif".

Yogesh Kodgule
16 years ago
Just make an instance of the imageicon u want to display and try with the following JTable's method. Hope it will work :
public void setValueAt(Object aValue,
int row,
int column)
Sets the value for the cell in the table model at row and column.
aValue - the new value
row - the row of the cell to be changed
column - the column of the cell to be changed

let me know if it does...
till then
16 years ago
I found out some of the IDEs but unable to find my answer.

There are some IDEs like Eclipse,JDeveloper,JBuilder,IntelliJ,NetBeans ...
..and many more from various Companies.

But still I am , which one best suites for GUI Development in Swings. As each of the IDEs have their own advtgs, i request the developer community over here to help me out to know their expiriences abt these all.

16 years ago
Hi all!

I know this question must have been asked for many a times.

But still I wanna know that which is the best GUI (Swings) Development Tool available today in the market.
What are its features?

or u can help me by refering to some site where such kind of info is available.
So please let me know the earliest , which is the best buy?
plz reply soon.

thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Thanks Jason and Kishore and thanks J2EE itself as well.
It is proving to be very inetresting to learn J2EE.

Thanks again,