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Recent posts by Yosi Hendarsjah

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

Yosi Hendarsjah wrote:Do we have to provide a proof that we are indeed certified in a previous version to take the 1Z0-813 exam?

Not to take the exam. But to get certified afterwards, yes. So essentially, yes.

Thank you Jeanne. Luckily I still have the printed certificate and the card given by Sun.  
Do we have to provide a proof that we are indeed certified in a previous version to take the 1Z0-813 exam?
I haven't done any programming since 2011. I used to be a Java developer and I'm in fact SCJP 1.4 certified. What books can you recommend me to help me refresh my Java skill? One book I have in mind is Java: The Complete Reference (Ninth Edition).
8 years ago
We almost never need to invoke a String constructor (new String()). So, instead of

write this instead:
13 years ago
HashSet objects, and any Set objects only store objects, not key-value pairs. And in a Set, we can't have two or more objects that are equals. Also, we can only have at most one null object in a Set. In a List object, we can have any numbers of equal objects and any number of null objects.
13 years ago
If you have (know) the key, you don't need to iterate the keys. You can directly get the value. Just use the method "get(Object key)".

Have I answered your question?
13 years ago
Sahar, how many classes are in your program?
13 years ago
Have you read the class' API documentation?
13 years ago

Natesan Prabhakaran wrote:
So, Please tell me, is there any possibility to write on PDF by using RandaomAccessFile

Yes, you can read and write any kind of files using RandomAccessFile. However, if you want to create a PDF file from a string or a text file, you need a Java PDF library. Search in Google using "Java PDF Library" as the keywords.

Regarding using UDP instead of TCP, is it your decision or someone else's (your boss/software architect/team leader)? If it is your own decision, you should re-consider it. Using UDP, not only that you may loss some of the packets, the receiver may receive the packet in a wrong order. And you may receive a single packet twice. Your program must be able to handle these kinds of situation.

There are a lot of articles in the internet about the pros and cons of TCP and UDP. You should read them.
13 years ago

venkata vinay bysani wrote:
Is it a good way to keep all 4 lakhs records

Please use English words. Not all the members of this forum know what lakh is.
13 years ago

G.Sathish kumar wrote:
i1.equals(i2) obviously return true because if hashcode value same then equals should return true.

Two objects that have the same hash code are not necessarily equal. However, two objects that are equal have to have the same hash code.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Satish Chilukuri:
What I would really like to see in cell phones is the ability to ban calls/SMS from some phone numbers much like we can do with email. Every day I get calls saying "Hello! I'm calling from XYZ bank. Would like to go for our credit card/loan/insurance...". If someone could maintain a database of these "rogue" phone no.s, all I have to do is download that list and block calls from those numbers.

Luckily, in Australia, we have the Do Not Call Register. If you are registered, you won't get calls from telemarketers. However, this register do not stop calls from government bodies, political parties, religious organizations, and some others. Are there any other countries that have similar register?
16 years ago
Thanks for the advice "get the disk but don't upgrade just yet". That's also what is on my mind. I remember when Windows XP was released. It was very unstable. I only started to use XP about a year later.
16 years ago
I just bought a notebook computer with Windows XP Media Center Edition, upgradable to Windows Vista freely (I only have to pay about $30 for shipping cost). Should I spend the 30 dollars and get the Vista?
[ January 30, 2007: Message edited by: Yosi Hendarsjah ]
16 years ago