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since Oct 06, 2003
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Recent posts by Deepti Sabarinath

Which is the last date for the beta exam ? Is it Feb 5 or 6 or earlier ?
I have a question.
Will an inner class object be garbage collected before the outer class object ?
a) in the case of static nested classes
b) in the case of nonstatic inner classes
I posted my above query two times, but no one has helped me with it so far.
What I wanted to know mainly is which event takes place first - is it the EJBObject getting created and associated with the bean or is it the call to ejbCreate. According to Monson Hafel's book, the EJBObject is created, associated with the bean and then ejbCreate is called. But in this post I read that it happens only after database insertion. Which is correct ?
Can someone please help me with this ?
[ November 12, 2003: Message edited by: Deepti Sabarinath ]
hi can someone please help with my query.
I'll be taking the exam soon.
Thanks in advance
hi are the following events in the CMP entity bean lifecycle given in the correct order ? If not, what would be the right order ?
A. Client invokes create() on the home interface
B. A new EJBObject is created
C. A bean from the pool is associated with the EJBObject
D. ejbCreate() of the bean is invoked.
E. A primary key is created.
F. A new record is inserted into the database
G. ejbPostCreate() of the bean is invoked.
H. EJB Object reference is returned to the client.
Please help me with order of the following set of events also.
A. Client calls remove() on the EJB home
B. ejbRemove() is invoked on the bean
C. The bean data is removed from the database
D. The EJB Object of the bean is invalidated
E. Bean instance enters the pooled state
[ November 01, 2003: Message edited by: Deepti Sabarinath ]
The EJB2.0 Specs mentions that "A timeout of client inactivity while the instance is in the passive state will result in the ejbRemove() method not being called". So what if the bean times out while it is in the method ready state ? Will ejbRemove() method be called then ? Is this mentioned in the specs any where ?
Thank you
I read that Java HotSpot VM 1.3 for Solaris uses Generational Collection for GC. Is this used for all the latest JVMs from Sun ? Is it used for JVMs running on Windows also ?
Where can I find more information on this ?
Thank You
20 years ago