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Recent posts by Hari Vignesh Padmanaban

Originally posted by Gopinath Krishnamoorthy:
Congrats..Could U tell me "IBM XML Certification first" (Is's a book or URL).For Testing and tuning which book i have to refer.


It refers to the tutorial articles(3 articles) published in IBM that help you get an overview of the certification.

Part 1 - http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/edu/x-dw-x-cert1-i.html
Part 2 - http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/edu/x-dw-x-cert2-i.html
Part 3 - http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/edu/x-dw-x-cert3-i.html

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Originally posted by Ahmad Khan:
Thanks Namit,

I had a preparation time of a month.

Whizlab simulator is very helpful during preparation. After using the simulator you start preparing and studying from a exam point of view.

So I would suggest it.


Congrats Ahmad
Glad that the exam simulator was useful

Originally posted by Ahmad Khan:

I remember some exam prep notes for XML by Vijay ( not sure about the name). I cant find them, can any one provide me the link.


You dont have to know alot about XML security for test 141. The XML certification Success article (Part 1) covers enough about security to help you answer questions regarding security.

Here is the link:


Originally posted by Niranjan Prasad:
I want to know the usage of XSLT?
I was asked this question in SourceN technologies interview

XSLt is used for transforming(converting) XMl files into other XMl files, or HTML files or to text files.

Depending upon the recieving application, the output will differ. If the application is a web browser, you might most probably convert XML using XSLT to HTML.


Originally posted by Anuj K Goyal:

Tutorials by Pradeep Chopra & Hari Vignesh Padmanaban on IBM developerworks site and sample papers on this site was good help for me.


Anuj Goyal
IBM Certified Solution Developer (XML & Related tech.)
IBM Certified Solution developer (J2EE - RAD)
IBM Certified Database Administrator


glad that the tutorials were useful
Hi Taurean,

here are the chapters that you might want to concentrate on:
2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10, 11, 12, 16, 20, 24

These cover almost all concepts other than security!!


Originally posted by Kris Lightsey:
Does anyone know if it matters which version of this book to use to study for the IBM certification for XML? There's a 2nd edition out, but I only have the first.


you need the second edition Kris

here is the quote from IBM's web site

2. Publication: Publication: Professional XML, 2nd Ed.
By Mark Birbeck, et al.
Publisher: Wrox Press
ISBN: 1861005059
Abstract: Part of Wrox's Programmer to Programmer series, approaches XML beyond the introductory level.

Here is the link : http://www-03.ibm.com/certify/tests/edu141.shtml


Originally posted by senthil rajan:
Hi Frnds,

I tried a DTD with ID. In this I'm not able to store the numeric value.Its showing error that the ID value should obey the naming convention.

Is it mean that i can't store the numbers in ID ???

- Thanks,

The value for DTD id attribute has to follow the standard XML naming rules (has to eb a valid XML name) and one of the rules is
"A name cannot start with a number or punctuation character"

Thsi is one great drawback of using DTD

Originally posted by Karthik Rajashekaran:
Hi all ,

I am SCJP certifed .

Now I am looking forward for XML certification.

Do let me know the objectives , which book , minimun pass , number of questions, mock papers?

Also let me know which certification in XML should which will give me career growth and scope ?

Please advice me soon

thanks in advance

Did u viist the links given at the top of this forum page ?

Answers for most of these questions, have been answered several times over in the past 2 months

looking at the posts for the last 100 days , you should be able to get the answerr(You can make out the relevant post by looking at the subject and u dont have to go through them ..and there are not many posts either over the last 100 days !!

Doing a search on the forum with "help" will also fetch u good results..

Good luck for the exam
Lets take an example :-)

And lets assume that we are considering the book node to be the selected node

Originally posted by senthil rajan:


will select only <title>, <name>, <price>

Originally posted by senthil rajan:


will select <title>, <name>, <first>, <last>,<price>

"child" will select only immediate child elements (that are directly under book element)

"descendant" will slect all elemnts under <book> irrespective of how deep they are nested !!

Hope that helps

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[ January 01, 2006: Message edited by: Hari Vignesh Padmanaban ]

Originally posted by lavanya Ananth:

If i wanted to have an attribute for title , say ISBN which refers to book no, how do i specify it? Is the declaration below correct?


It is perfect

How does the parser know which ID the above decl references?

I am also assuming that a single element can have two attributes that are unique. How do we then use IDREF to refer to a particular unique attribute?

According to the DTD specifications, there may be only ONE ID attribute for each element type

So I guess that the DTD parser would know which one to look for

Hope that helps
[ December 28, 2005: Message edited by: Hari Vignesh Padmanaban ]