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Download two JPilotExam SCWCD mock exams from

Include j2ee.jar in your CLASSPATH. It will work.

Hi Rasheed,

First I will thank for you idea and willing to convert the mock exams. This is our idea to convert the mock exams provided in html or text format to XML (JPilotExam doc format) to simulator with the JPE Simulator. Couple of guys are started preparing questions from the discussions in various groups mainly from javaranch. We will provide these exams under "GNU Free Documentation License".

And we are also planning to write request mails to the authors of mock exams to give permission in converting their exam in to XML format, by retaining all their copyrights.

The main advantage for this is, all the available exams will be in one format to use with one simulator which is a open source project.

Almost two years back, I converted Eduro Cobians mock exam into JPilotTest ( by taking his permission. And also the questions posted in javaranch. The idea of this project started there only from the requests and sugessions given by the community. I desided to release the code of the simulator as open source so that any one can use it.
It will be great helpful for the community to have many mock exams under one format and those can be used for a simulator to selftest.

We are hoping that authors will give us permission, as we are a group of people spending our valuable time to help the community in certification exams.

JPilotExam Project not only provides exam simulator, but also an exam builder and have many more features which will help the aspirant to get good score. Please have a look at the project and provide your comments and sugessions.

I fully agree with all you people and we will host only those exams for downloads from that are having authors permission (As you can see for Eudoro Cobian SCWCD and JavaRanch SCBCD exams contains the information).

We got a suggesion from one author, to include a tag in the XML that contains the copyright details other than the author information and descriptions. And for including questions from multiple authors, the explanation of the question will contain the deatils of the author. We are including these.

Our team is working hard in bringing this useful project to the community. We request the ranchers, authors and the community to extend the helping hand in making this useful project a success.

We sincerely invite your valuable contributions, comments, wise suggestions in making of this useful project a success.

Rasheed - We are discussing this offline upto now. I created a mailing list for the mock exam discussion. Join us there.

JPilotExam Project
JPilotTest simulator ( is moved to as JPilotExam, an open source project under GNU GPL License Project Home :

JPilotExam website :

JPilotExam released the simulator "JPilotExam Simulator V1.0" with the mock exams (SCWCD and JavaRanch's SCBCD).

We sincerely invite your valuable contributions, comments, wise suggestions in making of this useful project.

[ May 30, 2005: Message edited by: Mujibur Rahman ]
What is JPilotExam Project?

The IDEA behind this project is to facilitate the certification aspirants with exam simulator and free mock exams, who cannot afford to purchase commercial mock exams and do not have Internet facility to self-test online mock exams. This project was initially hosted at Geocities ( and provided integrated mock exams for java certifications with a simple java simulator.

With the overwhelming response from the java community and requests to include other certifications, we brought this project JPilotExam to the entire community by hosting at as an open source with GPL License.

JPilotExam helps the certification aspirants for better preparation towards the exam by utilizing exam tools and mock exams provided by the community. The enduring community is already providing mock exams in HTML formats or online tests. The preparation of these exams is a time consuming process and many cannot effort to do as there are no such tools available for free. JPilotExam provides an easy to use exam builder tool for creating the mock exams. These prepared mock exams are self tested using the exam simulator. JPilotExam provides a downloadable application that gives a real feel of the exam and many more features for the better preparation.

JPilotExam has integrated applications exam builder and exam simulator with many additional features like organizing the exams, store and analyze the results with reports, Auto Load/Update new exams etc., for the best preparation towards the exam.

Latest News

JPilotExam Project released "JPilotExam Simulator V1.0" with mock exams.

We sincerely invite your valuable contributions, comments, wise suggestions in making of this useful project.

JPilotExam Project
15 years ago
Hope real exam doesnt have any ambiguity questions like this.


I kept these things in mind while starting the project. The only requirement for jpilot is JVM. It is developed in swing and doesnt require internet and any other j2ee servers. The main requirement (what i think) is it should serve a very low end user.

This can also be improved to work with a server. But in future, if required.

This is mainly intended for the people who can't buy commercial mocks.
Community is providing many mock exams (in HTML/DOC format) and questions. My idea is to convert all these mock exams in to jpilot exam docs and give for downloads.

And another thing is, JPilot Builder is a handy tool to create mock exams and questions very easily and can share accross the community.


Thanks Eric Lemaitre for refering my webpage (

I started an opensource exam simulator project JPilotExam ( few months back and it is almost ready for downloads. Past 3 months I was bussy with my onsite (USA) assignment and couldnt concentrate more on this project. Now iam back (Bangalore,INDIA) and finishing the tool quickly for downloads with mock exams.

I am also developing a website, which is under design stage (As it is underconstruction, few links may not work).

The mail idea behind this open source project was to provide a open source simulator and exam builder to the community to share the mock exams and questions for any area (JAVA,ORACLE,XML, ect..).

Iam started working again from this week on the project and all your ideas and wise suggesions are very much appreciated.

All are welcome to contribute in any area of this use full project for the community.

With Love
Systems Analyst
Good Job

Paul Anil,

Requested today. I am planning to take the exam in feb first week. I will do send my comments.
- Rahman
16 years ago
Any one purchased in bangalore?
Experienced Swing Programmers for Banglore with 2+yrs exp. give your mobile/phone no.
16 years ago
Steve , you are right. These are going more expensive. In this regard i took an initiative to develop a exam builder and simulator which can be used by java community to prepare and test and share the questions. Already iam providing sample questions taken from javaranch posts. look at
As i was in change of my place past 11/2 month iam away from my development. Now i restarted and very soon first versions will be released. and also iam planning to keep these as open source, to allow others to contribute and prepare a very useful application for preparing for certifications.
Any suggesstions with this regard are welcome.
Congrats !!! Great Job
16 years ago