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Recent posts by David Swan

I dont think i understand JDBC correctly. I want to lock a record so that if i issue a statement like (select * from customer where customerID='123') then it will lock this record so that if another user wanted to select the same customer ID record they would be prevented from doing so. Can anyone tell me how to do this OR if is even possible???
(Note: deploytool with j2sdkee1.3.1)
ok now its working, i had to completely setup a new application and add go through the "add component wizard" again.
The deploytool is very erratic. I've been trying this for hours and its just worked for me now. Also the verifier is giving me the same error about the homeclass but when i actually deploy the app its fine???!!!???!!!
Ive tried using Sun One Studio 5 SE and its not very intuitive to use. Very quickly becomes a mess when you use a few EJBs.
Can anyone tell me what they use to create EJBs, Servlets and JSPs and deploy them???
Im having a problem trying to run a simple application that i developed.
I have 2 components, a war file(WebApp1) and an ejb jar file (Ejb1). In the war file i have a servlet that calls a EJB bean in the jar file. The war file has a reference to the JNDI of the bean. The deploy gives me this error:
Error: Class [ login ] not found in WEB-INF/classes or WEB-INF/lib.
For [ /WebApp1 ]
Error: class [ login ] cannot be found within this jar [ WebApp1 ].
So the servlet code gets a reference to the bean like this:
loginHome home = (loginHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow(objRef, loginHome.class);
So obvisously the deploytool cant find the loginHome.class. But surely i shouldnt have to add this class to the web war? shouldnt it be able to find it from the ejb component???

Can someone polease shed a little light on this for me??
Just here to tell everyone i passed and what i did to pass it. So if anyone is looking for some advice on preparing for this exam, heres my 'two pence'.
1. Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates. Excellent book, i read it about 3 times, everytime it got clearer for me. Also do all the tests. Incidently i got 65% in the test at the end of the book. Its much harder thn the real exam.
2. EJB Specs. That was so boring. Hated every minute of it. But i took notes on the important points
3. INESystem exam simulator. I got a promotion version that came with 5 exams. I only had time to do 3. Good Graphical user interface and the exams are pretty good. Tad bit harder than real exam.
4. Valentino's cheatsheets are a heaven sent for the Bean Life Cycles. THANK YOU VALENTINO you saved me lots of pain & misery!!!
Gonna go for the SCEA exam next.
Cheers everyone,
14 years ago
Like some people here ive had the same doubts about the time and effort im putting into these certifications. Im a SCJP & SCWCD and hopefully taking the SCBCD exam in 2 weeks, im not working so i have no excuse.
But im also looking for a job too, employers definately rate experience as the most important element rather than sun certification. To be honest they dont really care about my 2 years programming experience (VB etc. or that i have done a big project in java for my BSc in IT). But like Anthony put it, do it for yourself, and i am, i also intend to take my SCEA exams too, because eventually when i do get experience in java, also having that certification will be quite impressive.
Im my opinion, Sun Certification will only help you right now if you're in a neck and neck situation. From the employers point of view, unfortunately, experience is ultimately what will get you the job!
thx for the reply, ill try that next time. my classpath is quite big as i was also running tomcat and various others bits and pieces, i must clean it up
Ok heres my classpath from a dos prompt
C:\Documents and Settings\Dave>echo %classpath%
Im just ran the advice app and it works fine, it gives back the advice but theres just extra error information displayed to the screen. Heres the error message (i only put the first couple of lines here)
C:\Dev\SCBCD\projects\advice>java -classpath .;%CLASSPATH%;AdviceAppClient.jar AdviceClient
java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Dev\SCBCD\projects\advice\%J2EE_HOME%\config\s
ecurity.properties (M��ritetty� polkua ei l�ydy)
at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(FileInputStream.java:103)
at com.sun.enterprise.util.Utility.getPropertiesFromFile(Utility.java:42
at com.sun.enterprise.iiop.POAEJBORB.<clinit>(POAEJBORB.java:78)
at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
etc etc....
Now as i said it works and gives me the right advice but whats giving that errormessage can anyone tell me ?
Same problem as everybody else above but fixed it with Kathy's fix
I am running:
Windows XP
J2SE: 1.4.1, build 1.4.1_04-b01
J2EE: 1.3.1, build 1.3.1-b17
Hello Everyone
Thanks to everyone who answered my questions here at the board.
Heres what i did for the exam: (only created hello world servlets before i studied for this)
1. Used SCWCD study kit by Deshmukh and answered all the questions in the book
2. Jweb plus, did the 3 exams on the CD
3. Did the exam at javaranch
4. Answered some questions at www.j2eecertificate.com
Advice: If you have time read the servlet and jsp specs, i only browsed through them unfortunately
Gonna move on to the SCBCD exam now.
14 years ago
straight from the SCWCD book,
a translation-time error will occurr if the same "id" is used within a translation unit...
so maybe this applies regardless of whether the braces bring it out of scope or not!!
This is a question that i just did from the www.je22certificate.com exam
Questions like this really annoy me, i dont understand it
Which of the following statements correctly declares an element that allows the output result of a specified resource to be inserted in a JSP page? [Check all correct answers]
One of the correct answers:
The jsp:forward action also includes the output generated from the resource specified by the page attribute into the including JSP. However, jsp:forward terminates the execution of the current page whereas the jsp:include action resumes processing in the calling JSP page, once the inclusion is completed.
Now im always so careful about everything in the answer, how can a forward be considered to "include" the output generated into the the JSP page
Thnx, i just didnt want to go into the exam and get a big shock
Hello all
I have the SCWCD study kit and ive read the objectives for the exam. Now my questiion is, do i have to know what and how filters work for the exam, becoz i havent got my time and i plan to sit the exam next week. can i get away with skipping this chapter??? Has anyone came across any filter questions???