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pratap venkata naga yelugula wrote:Hi Kanth,

this link useful.....for you.


Hi Prathap,

I do understand the difference in the Java version names (rebranding J2EE to JEE et al). My question was about the books you quoted for Security: Java EE 5 Tutorial vs Sun JEE tutorial. Aren't they the same - both are JEE tutorials by Sun for version 5- unless you meant different versions or different authors or something else? Please clarify and provide their URLs if you can. Thanks much.

pratap venkata naga yelugula wrote:
1 Java EE 5 Tutorial. Part VI Services.
2 Java Security
3 Core Security Patterns
4 Sun JEE tutorial

What is the difference between Sun JEE Tutorial and Java EE 5 Tutorial?
Thanks to all those who responded to my earlier post https://coderanch.com/forums/
Since I have the tips as a word document, its difficult to post here with all the colors/highlights etc. If you are interested, please send me a personal email to my hotmail id: kankri99 [Those who already responded with their email ids to my above post, no need to send again].
PS: Give me a couple of days before I send the document to you
Passed SCBCD with only 7 questions wrong (out of 70). Though I didn't participate much in Java Ranch discussions (due to time constraints), I occassionally skimmed thru lot of discussions here and it helped me clear up many a doubt during my preparations.
Besides studying HFEJB, my primary resource for the exam, I also used ejbcertificate.com, and softSCBCD mock exams for improving my knowledge.[I consistently scored 70% in HFEJB's mock exam, 3 times, never improved :-(].
Thanks a lot for all of those who helped me directly and indirectly in my success.
If any one is interested [for memory challenged like me who cannot remember "roses are read, violets are purple" rhymes always], I can either post here or email a few tips I used to remember some of the things for the exam [for e.g. (i) There are 7 container call backs in EntityBean interface: PASS-URL (ejbPassivate, ejbActivate, ejbStore, setEntityContext, unsetEntityContext, ejbRemove, ejbLoad). (ii) MDB can make use of only two trans-attribute elements: Red-NoSed (Required-NotSupported (iii) etc]. Let me know your interest....
Thanks again,
20 years ago
Alternatively, the moderators (or whoever in charge) should let members cross-post the results to both the groups at once.
To your question #4: "NotSupported" doesn't throw any exception but I think it is equally dangerous as "Never" because the bean method would run without any TX* context [suspends the current TX].
On a side note, here is how I remember some of the transaction attributes:
* M & N (mandatory and never) throw exceptions.
* The two longest attributes [RequiresNew & NotSupported] suspend the existing TX.
* To distinguish between present and past tense: red [for Required) and nod (NotSupported). Their counterparts are present tense: RequiresNew and Supports. [or you can use Kathy's traditional rhyme "Roses are red...I simply nod"]
PS: TX is transaction, not Texas [for some cowboys and cowgirls]
Though this question was meant for Kathy & Bert let me try to add my opinion here.
Its up to the individuals how they work on the examples and if you can use WL (or any other commercial server) its even better as you would not be using the RI in your real job. I myself am not caring much for the examples in the book as such since I work on a real ejb project (under WL8.1) in my job. I try to compare and review what I am doing at my work with the HF EJB content. That should be enough for the SCBCD and to understand whats going on behind the scenes.
My 2 cents.
20 years ago
But there is already a 'skeleton' on the server side. Do you mean there would be a stub class on the server side besides the skeleton or are you calling this 'skeleton' as the 'stub on the server side'?
We had the same problem. Finally we ended up creating another column to be used as FK/CMR field (this new column contains the same data as the primary key).
Kathy & Bert
Is the errata in the book listed anywhere on your or OReilly website? What's the best way to communicate to you if someone finds errors in the book? (for eg. in one of the pages "javax.ejb.RemoteException" printed more than once).
My order says (amazon): Delivery estimate: Nov 8, 2003 - Nov 12, 2003. I ordered it on Nov 1. Hope this date doesn't change.....
WickedlySmart.com's main page says "Coming in September: Head First EJB-a study guide for the new Sun Certified...". If you click on the link, the linked page says that "Coming in August, Just in time to help you pass.....".
And now we are 13hours away from November and no book....
Kathy, your web site is smartly wicked.....
(Sorry, for the rantings... I can wait no more.........
how you knew beforehand that you were going to get 98% in your test of Oct 9?
Some of your posts (prior to your test) contain the following signature (for e.g. one posted on October 09, 2003 11:15 AM just before taking the test and also one posted on Oct 8):
SCJP 91% SCJD 94% SCBCD 98%
SCWCD SCEA -- preparing