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Recent posts by Nileesha Bojjawar

what i am not sure is about the flagged questions on the exam. I had exactly 7 flagged questions and my score would have been 43 - Does any one out there know if the flagged questions are marked or not..
I suspect those were not marked hence lost exactly the 7 marks.. as far as i know some of those 7 should be right.

Please someone advise and put my mind at ease...

13 years ago
Hi Guys,
I am so so happy..
This is how i prepared..

1. Read through the Reference Document - making note mainly of the concepts and when and when not to use specific technologies - especially the "note" sections on the reference document
2. Read the spring in action 2.5
3. Took few beta tests on the Java black belt site - now blackbeltfactory - - this was very useful to learn the concepts

Hope this helps.. and Good Luck to all those who are getting ready for this exam.
13 years ago
Hi Chintan,
Thanks, I feel the HFSJ is just enough but I would have done better with readong some of hte notes by Miklai and Frederick, and a quickl read thru the spec itself, but was short of time.

Good Luck!!
Hi All,
I have successfully passed the exam with 89%.
I am gutted not to have got the 90 mark, but I am happy. Thanks to all the java ranchers and the forum itself is great and get all the doubts cleared even without asking them myself.

Books read: HFSJ once and revised quickly second time.
Thanks Brian, Kathy, Bert for such a good book, wish there was one for SCEA as well which more focussed on the exam, though there the HF Design Patterns it is not focused on the SCEA objectives.
Mock Exams:
-Whizlabs Simulator, helped a lot to focus.
-JavaRanch's mock.

I did not read any notes nor did I make any.

I was surprise that I had 80 questions on my exam, with Sun giving a notice saying that 10 will not be marked as they are for statistics and was given 40 extra minutes, but the final score mentioned the answers out of 80, which might mean that the 10 were also marked!! Moreover i was expecting 69 questions and not 70 so where does the other one go? Does anybody out there know how these are marked?

Next step:
Not sure but may take SCEA.
For eg: you can have one scenario where you have a filter to modify the response header content type by zipping the response if its too large to send over the wire. Or for the same reason you want to buffer the JSP not to generate the jar file again and again to send but just buffer it.

Hope this hleps
Hi Swathi,
The variable is first searched in the pageScope all the way through to the applicatoin scope in the order page- request- session-application.
the first variable / attribute fouund with that name is used.
Hope this helps
Hi Guys,
Please correct if my understanding below is true.

If you dont have a non-attribute class implementing the HttpSessionActivationListener, then you will still need a kind of observer pattern to communicate the session event activate or passivate to this non-attribute class. Containers will not probably understand this Listener if declared in the DD.

The usage of hte attribute is defined as movies and the invocaiton is using movie, could you please try using ${movies.title}

Its complaining about porperty, so could it be something to do with the movieList being declared private. I am not sure, worth a try.
Hi All ranchers,
I passed my SCBCD with 90%, Thanks to K&B HFEJB, Excellent Book and Thanks to all you guys who helped me through out.
Good luck to all of you, I guess my next one will be SCWCD.

19 years ago
Hi Surya,
Head First EJB is a must have, I would say!!
Also thee links on SCBCD Links will be very useful.

Good Luck.
Hi Himanshu,
IMO, You must check the message contenttype first to see if it is just plain/text, doing so you can get the toString() to return the mail body, But in some cases looks like your content is a MultiPart content.By checking its type, u an then call get BodyPart on that multi part object and then call getcontent on it.

Hope this helps.

19 years ago
Thanks Paul,
Makes it more clear now!!