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Recent posts by viswanadh kasinadhuni

Hearty Congratulations!!!...can you through some light on how you prepared for the exam?
13 years ago
Are there any problems with JUnit and Multithreaded Tests. If so, can anyone
please provide some examples?
18 years ago
Will this book be useful to a novoice tester? Does it contains details about how many types of tests are there explaining them in detail? can we have a sample chapter with toc?
18 years ago
Hi vincent,
we have a struts application and we have Astra Load Test from Mercury Interactive. How can we test this application and test the java performance.
any ideas??
18 years ago
Thanks Thomas. I was a little bit late to see this news. Busy weekend with halloween party. Thanks once again to kathy, bret and Thomas. For me also its first time to win a giveaway book from from I enjoyed a lot in participating in the promotion also increased my knowledge a lot with lot of postings out here...
Happy Halloween.
I didnt got exactly what that means pradeep. can you explain more precisely.
thanks for the reply kathy..I need to take a look at the book now
is there any explation about "lazy loading" in your book? Does your book has topic of CMP & BMP relations?
then how the winners are selected?? if they post a image(i.e, if they run any program, then showing us a applet way of how the winners are selected) of how winners are selected, it would be great!!! isn't it?

Everyone here tries to post for winning the book..right. I think pradeep and naing are having a good chance
hi prashant,
First of all everything is reinvented by entity beans...its concept is nothing but like views of a rdbms..right. ofcourse they have a lot more advantages than views..but still the basic is duplication of data and now EJB-QL for querying the objects..another duplicate work. why not just use session beans and use sql and rdbms avoid entity beans completely. Lets wait and see what SUN says about this.
you link has been removed by angelfire naing?
but that post didnt answered my question clearly.
this may be other use of a local interface..but according to EJB 2.0 spec., you can call enterprise beans in a fast and efficient way by calling them through their local object rather than by EJB objects and local objects implement "local interface" rather than remote interface...My question is again whats the use of "local home interface" here and is local home interface necessary?