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Recent posts by Jaffer Shah

Hi there,

Whats Forward Reference?

I got an error from the compiler stating "Illegal use of Forward Reference" when the declaration,
private String strName = "";
is placed below an instance initialization block, that initializes strName. If the block appears after the instance variable declaration, the compiler shows no error.

This has triggered some doubts. :roll:
Doubt#1: whether instance initialization blocks are executed at the class loading itself.
Doubt#2: this doesnt happen in case of constructors. The placing of constructors before the instnace variable declaration, doesnt throw any error.

Happy if u cud help,
Thank you in advance,
16 years ago

Our application is a data processing one that depends on Oracle. We commit the connection only when all the processing is correct, else rollback. When there is some failure in the network connectivity, we try to connect to Oracle again and start the data processing again. But whats happeneing is different. When we try to reconnect to oracle, we are able to get the connection, but cannot be able to perform any insert operations. The application just hangs when it tries to insert into the table (may be the table is locked). Kindly suggest us a way to proceed with.

Thanks in advance.
Thanx Brian...

I will try what you have said.

I have solved the issue, by writing a JSP file, that calls the class file to encrypt any given file. The JSP file accepts any textfile with path and when clicked a button "Encrypt", encrypts the specified file.

Thanx all, who gave this a thought...

I have a war file, which has many JSPs and the related class files. One of the class files could encrypt text files. I am trying to use this class file, to encrypt a text file from the war itself. I tried setting the classpath to the war file. Then, when I tried to execute the file, I am getting "No Class Def found" error.

The class files are found in Web-inf\classes of the war.
The encrypt file is found in the package structure: inside the Web-inf\classes.

Can you help me to sort this issue?

Hi Buddies,
I have installed MQSeries 5.3 (WebSphere) and I am getting a problem "Unable to load message catalog - mqji Reason Code : 2009" when I create the Queue Manager. Please help me knowing the reason for this.
It will be helpful if anybody tell me where can I get the related-latest jar files for running MQSeries.
Thanks and Regards,
17 years ago
When I retrieve a long column from an Oracle table via JDBC, I am getting the following error :
java.sql.Exception : Stream already closed
Why am I getting this error? and please help me with a solution to solve the issue..
Thanks and Regards,