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Happy Birthday Map
15 years ago
Thanks for greate explaination.
I have a question :
in US and France, the actual ruler is the president, in UK, Spain and Italy the actual ruler is the prime minister.
what is the difference between each approach (advantages or disadvantages).
15 years ago
God bless his soul and I am asking God to help his girlfriend and his tow boys.
good bye Phil.
15 years ago
Well, I can accept an invitation from cool and nice and great rancher...
15 years ago
Hi Axel...
I respect germany (and Japan), because they build their economy after the WW2 and now they considered the one of the best economies...
beside, I like german cars (BMW, Porsche, Audi... )
16 years ago

are you really asking Americans how they feel about the people attacking
American soldiers? Also, which Iraqis are you talking about?
The ones who are shooting guns, or the ones peacefully protesting?

I think this is a relative case, of course you (the americans) love your soldiers, not one could argue here.
do you think I am feeling happy when I heared that some one dies at iraq (and I mean any one here) ?
but do you know how we are feeling when we heared that more than 40000
iraqies died in this occupation (sorry, but I know war is happended btw two armies) ?
do you know how we feel when we saw abu ghraib's pics?
about shooting guns, how you (the americans) liberate your country ?

finally, do you really think you're going to win hearts and minds by aggressive questioning?

sorry, I don't mean to aggressive , but as you know, english is not my first language so maybe I have used some harsh words, or my method in writting is unaccetpable in english, sorry.
but I think there are facts, no one can change them.
I remember my fist post at javaranch which I have wrote in it :
I hope we will be all friends.
after all, I consider all the ranchers are my friends, actually I respect many ranchers here and I wish to like them (like Max, Dr. freidman Hill, kathy , Jeron, Bert, Eric.... just to mention).
but I am really sad when saw US ready to fight the arabs just for isreal (sorry all, but I think so).

After the WW2 this did not harm much. We did farily well

personally, I respect germany so much
16 years ago

hezbollah is a terrorist orgination or do you forget the kindnappings and palne hijackings?)

They kindnapping isrealies soldiers and a general which means they are not civilians.

All we see are a people who demand more and more everytime anything is
granted to them. Nothing is enough and it will never be enough until that last Jew is driven into the sea

as I remember, palestain is an arabic land, and as I remember isreali gangs (hagana, shtern .. just to mention two) came to palestain at 1948 and began to kill the people to establish isreal.
and you didn't yet answer on my question :
what do you think about the iraqis ? terrorists or freedom fighters ?
16 years ago

Hussain, I suggest you look up a history of violence in the ME which was NOT written by the PLO or an Arab organisation.

actually, I use our media, united states media (like news papers) and the uk media , when I want to know about something.
if you are saying that the palestinians are terrorists because they are targeting the buses, ok, why you say hezbolla is a terrorist orgenazation ?
hezbulla fighting the isreal army and not targeting the civilians, and I am assuming that you know isreal accupaing a lebanease and syrian lands.

They aided the Iraqis in Kuwait in 1990/1991 in the hope of being given Kuwait to run as their own country.

if you say that syria added saddam in his war against kuwait, you are 200% wrong!
syria has objected , condemned this war, and if you remember, syria has sent troops to fight with united states's troopes in iraq.
Jeron, I suggest you look up the history of the gulf war which was NOT written by US's media and CIA's

How about because Israel is a friendly country to the US and doesn't blow up our citizens?

If my country is a friendly country to US, does US allow us to obtain a nuclear missles ? just wondering....
I can't understand why US is ready to fight with more than 250 million's arabic, and not ready to say no to isreal .
US has advantages with isreal , fine , but do you think that US has no advantages with more than 250 arabic ?
and yes, isreal blow up our citizens and of course you never mind, right ?

How about Israel signed the NPT and has respected it?

Why united states doesn't respect the whole UN ?

And indeed how about Israel isn't a threat to the US and indeed the only democratic country in the region...

which kind of democracy you are talking about when the prime minister said that he is himself obvserving the assassination proccess ?
which kind of democracy , when isreal built a wall to devide palestain ?
should I mention that US supports some arab president to stay at power ?
which kind of democracy which the US want to teach it to us , abu ghraib's democracy ?
a small note :
why should every candidate to the US presidency declares that he will support isreal more than the previous president ?
how elects the president, the americans or isreal ???
[ May 29, 2004: Message edited by: Hussein Baghdadi ]
16 years ago

A freedom fighter attacks the soldiers of their enemy. A terrorist blows up buses full of children

so what do you think about the iraqies ? terrorists or freedom fighters ?
what do you think when isreal destruct the houses above the heads of poeple (look at gazza)
does isreal fight a palestinian army, so they are not terrorists ? or just killing the palestinians ?
a side note :
why america doesn't try to clean isreal from more than 200 nuclear bombs, or isreal has the right to do what is want ?
16 years ago

Al-Qaeda has ties to both Sunni and Shiite groups

As a person from the middle east, let me tell you :
al qaeda is a fanatic sunni organization.
al qaeda give a 10000 $ for killing a shitte person !!!
so they will never deal with iran.

but there are many well known connections between the Iranians and Al-Qaeda.

do you have proves ? please don't give a links to the lies that CIA and FBI create.

Al-Qaeda has long since publicly supported the Palestinian terrorist

now the palestinians are terrosists and isreal is angel
isreal is killing, destructing , assassinaing the palestinians , they have the right
and the palestinians are fighting for their counrty and their freedom, they are terrorists.
what is the diff btw the resistance and the terrorist ?
if I want to think like you, americans are all terrorists when they were fighting the english, frensh,
spanich occupations.
all the americans are terrorists during the civil war.
what you call the the american soldiers at abo guraib ? good soldiers, performing their duties ?
Jason, if you like Mr. bush or isreal very much, you are free, but don't try to reshap and change
the truth.
16 years ago

The arab world hates us enough as it is

please note, we don't hate you (the americans), but we hate the american adminstration.
16 years ago

So, what, you got tired of blaming the people that are truly responsible so you have to find someone else to start blaming?

16 years ago

Yeah, because we wouldn't want to plame the terrorists themselves

read all the previous threads, I have always attacked al qaeda and bin laden and all the terrorists.
and please note, I don't have any thing against the americans but I have every thing against the adminstrations.

Nope, must be the US government at fault.

How many times america used the veto to support isreal ?
16 years ago

Who do we thank for the 3000 killed in the trade center and pentagon bombings

Thank the CIA and the FBI for thier efforts to prevent these acts.

As far as I know America has never provided Israel with direct military support. So why do they always blame America for Isreal's actions

what about the F16 and apache ? are there from france ?
16 years ago
Thank you Mr.Bush..
thank you for giving Sharon the green light to kill the human..
thank you for killing the peace at the middle east..
thank you for giving isreal the american weapons to kill us.
thank you for supporting isreal blindly..
I don't understand why america asked : Why they are hating us ?
do you want to know why ?
fine, because it supplies isreal blindly.
Terrorism, democracy the golden words in the american dictionary.
every one who don't agree with bush's policies is terrorist.
the victim is terrorist and sharon is the man of peace.
criminals by isrealian hands and american arms.
thank you again bush.
(as I know, iseal is a democracy country, and this is thier democracy....)
16 years ago