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Recent posts by Sandeep Awasthi

Pat Farrell wrote: I generally wait 6 weeks or more after a release to let others shake the bugs out.

Agree. I install beta versions on one of old PC just to get feel of what is coming in new release. In 11.10 release they built Unity on GNOME 3.

Between, here I found good tutorial for GNOME 3 shell. (Do not try it on Ubuntu 11.04 through PPA though. It does not work properly on 11.04, I already have tried it.)

12 years ago
GNOME 3 is included in Ubuntu 11.10 beta2.

12 years ago
If you are very new to OS installation (any OS, windows,linux).. , disk partitions etc, better do not install it yourself. I also assumed that you have brand new laptop which do not contain any important data because deleting, re sizing disk partitions can result in loss of data.

The reason why I did not want you to prepare live USB from Ubuntu 9.04 is because Ubuntu 9.04 use legacy GRUB and from Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu started using GRUB2. All versions of Ubuntu 9.10 and above use GRUB2. This should not be problem why your live USB which is created from Ubuntu 9.04 USB disk creator is not working, but it can be. I am not sure.

The best option for you is create live USB from from other PC which has windows. But again if you are very new to OS installations, disk partitions etc, I suggest better get help from someone. If it is hardware problem, then you get help from Dell because your laptop should be in warranty period.

12 years ago
How you created your Live USB?


or with

or with Ubuntu's startup disk creator.

My suggestion is recreate live usb with
You will need windows for that.

12 years ago
set variables in /etc/profile.local

12 years ago
I think this error has something to do with syslinux.cfg which gets created when you create Live USB. Make sure you have downloaded correct Ubuntu Live ISO and using latest Universal USB Installer

Go through this thread

I got this problem when I tried to install Ubuntu from hard disk ( not USB ). Though I did not try to fix, I went ahead I created Live USB and it works ok with USB without any problem.

Also go through

Search following in google

install Ubuntu from hard disk unknown keword in configuration

12 years ago
Ubuntu 11.04 is stable and better supported with large community. If you are new to linux installation, I would suggest go through some online guide to plan your hard disk partitions if you need dual boot etc and you can install using USB.
12 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote: However, you can still run the classic UI, if you select the option before logging in

No I m not talking about GNOME classic. I am talking about GNOME 3 vs Unity. Which is better at this stage.

Many Ubuntu user wanted GNOME 3, but Ubuntu pushed Unity. This is the reason someone started his own project called gNatty. Since this project is not officially supported, I did not talk about it.
12 years ago
Gnome 3 vs Ubuntu Unity.

As there was lot of talk about Unity which is released with Ubuntu 11.04. I tried for 2 days when Ubuntu 11.04 released. I did not find it much user friendly. From last two months I am using GNOME 3 on OpenSUSE 11.4. I liked GNOME 3 very much. In the beginning it looked something different. But as I kept on using it , I found it good. The only problem I face with it when I open too many windows. I think you will have to use workspace efficienty. The other thing to keep in mind that it is keyboard centric rather than mouse centric. You will have to use keyboard shortcuts more often than mouse. It's hardware integration looks better than Unity so graphics it better than Unity ( at least on my laptop ). There is talk that Ubuntu 11.10 is going to include GNOME 3. I installed first beta of Ubuntu 11.10 on virtual machine. I installed GNOME shell as well but unfortunately could not login into GNOME shell for some unknown reason. Since it is beta 1 and I read some where that 11.10 beta 1 has unstable GNOME 3, I did not try much. But GNOME 3 look to me much better than Unity. I am using it from last two months on OpensUSE.

Following are some useful links if you want to try.

Install GNOME 3 on OpenSUSE 11.4 ( One click install did not work for me, I installed using text install)

GNOME 3 cheatsheet at Arch Linux.

Adding application to GNOME 3 launcher

Note that : Be careful while adding GNOME 3 extensions, it crashed for some extensions for me in the beginning.

In the end my vote is for GNOME 3 against Unity.
12 years ago
Class diagrams has nothing do with flow. For more information about realization association
Are you purposely acting ignorant?

@OP UML Diagrams are divided in two categories. Structural and Behavior Diagrams. Flows are generally shown using Behavior Diagrams => Activity Diagrams,Sequence Diagrams, Communication diagrams, interaction diagrams ( uml 2) etc.
The flow you are trying to show is generally not shown using UML. You can use some tool like MS Visio, if you really want to show something which is not available in standard UML notation and use your own notations.
Good luck.

Rajnikant Patel wrote:You can go with Domain Realiazation Diagram

Which version of UML has this diagram?
I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on 28th april ( release date ). Before that I tried beta as well. But I am little disappointed and reinstalled 10.10. It is little slow than 10.10. Unity is not that user friendly or I need more practice. Scrollbar invisible by default ( you can make them permanent visible though with some trick I read ). If unity is only reason to upgrade then you can have it on 10.10 as well

I am more hopeful from Fedora 15 with Gnome 3.0 releasing this month end.
12 years ago
Instead of talking with any guy; post your resume on job site, go through formal selection process and join some known company on salary. If that is not working out and if you really want to volunteer, then do it for open source project or no profit organization. An organization, small or big, doing work to earn profit, should not expect work from anyone just for sponsorship of SCWCD or SCJP. It has to be recruitment agency otherwise. And even in that case they should pay stipend at least for freshers and give formal certificate at the end of internship. Keep all these things in mind.
12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:My advice is this: do yourself a favor and don't make important decisions (like about your career) based on information obtained from anonymous participants in an online forum, the motives and experience of whom you know nothing about.

Well said. Completely agree.
12 years ago
Doing own research from scratch will take lot of time. If I have to choose, I will use presentations/blogs like this as a baseline data to shortlist few frameworks on which I can do research. Anyway this data and graphs are changing every year and there is no best. Finally its everyone's choice.
12 years ago