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Recent posts by Crystal So

you don't have to worry about the questions before the test, couse the person in the test center told me that it willl not be counted in the limited time. even if, they are only questions about whether you would allow the SUN to put you in the Java Certification pool is you pass, just something like that.
and actually, if u don't mind, u can click "yes" to all the questions within 1 min.
concerning the marked questions, you surely don't have to review, just that you can do if you want. and actually, you can go back to whatever questions and correct it or chect it out, even if you did not mark it first.
and please don't worry about the time. it is surely enough for everyone.
oh, I just passed the exam 3 days ago, so believe the information above it update
wish you good like for the SCJP!:-)
Thanks everyone.
Good news:I just passed the SCJP 5 hrs ago.
I really appreciate your help:-)
Tom, do u mean that the String "Java rules"is no longer referenced by S?
Hi, I met a quite strange question here:
Q1: What happens when this method is called with an input of Java rules? 1. public String addOK(String S){
2. S += " OK!";
3. return S;
4. }
A) The method will return " OK!" ;
B) A runtime exception will be thrown.
C) The method will return "Java rules OK!".
D) The method will return "Java rules".
I think since the String is immutable, so I choose d), however, the answer give is c).
Can anybody please tell me whether the + operator has some special effect on the String?
Thanks in advance.
Hi, everybody,
in the mock list from javaranch,there are about 40 links, however, I cannot get to the pages whose address start with:
anyone meet the same problem?
I am trying in Beijing, China
Hi,when doing the Mock from Javaprepare, I think I found some error in the answers.
in Q17 and 18,posting Q17 as below,
public class test {
public static void main(String args[]) {
int i=1, j=1;
try {
if(i/j > 1)
catch(ArithemticException e) {
catch(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
catch(Exception e) {
finally {

the answer says it will still prints out 4 after the execution of finally block, however, I don't think so.
would anyone please correct me if I am wrong?
when taking the questions by Richard G. Baldwin , I got really confused by the following two programs, which produce different results:
class Q61{
public static void main(String args[])
MyClass refToObj = new MyClass();
refToObj.instanceVar = 5;
}//end main()
}//end Q61
class MyClass{
int instanceVar;
void addFive(MyClass param){
}//end addFive()
}//end MyClass
the output of pro1 is 10.
however, please look at the program2:
class Q62{
public static void main(String args[])
int localVar = 5;
MyClass refToObj = new MyClass();
}//end main()
}//end class Q62
class MyClass{
public void addFive(int param){
param += 5;
}//end addFive
}//end class MyClass
and the output of this one is 5.
could anyone please tell me why the results are different, and what is the meaning of these two programs?
thanks a lot.
Hi, I met a quite hard question in bill's mock simulation:
Given the following class definition:
1.public class DeriveDemo extends Demo{
2. int M,N,L;
3. public DerivedDemo(int x, int y){
4. M=x; N=y;
5. }
6. public DerivedDemo(int x){
7. super(x);
8. }
it asks what contstructor signatures MUST exits in the Demo Class for DerivedDemo to complide correctly.
however, beside the once choice: public Demo(int c)
it also choose: public Demo()
saying that it is required because a default(no arguments) constructor is needed to compile the constructor starting in line 3.
I am quite confused about this explanation, can any one help me?
without creating any object of the class, can the method be executed? I met the following question, would any one please help me out:
public class C{
public static void main(String[] args){
public class D extends C{
Once the program is compiled you execute the following from the command line.
java D
Select the result of compiling and executing the program in this way.
A.the program will not compile because D does not contain a main method.
B. the program compiles and prints Run to the system console.
C.the program compiles but doesn't print anything to the system console.
D.the program compiles but the Java interpreter gives an error when you try to run D stating that class D does not contain a main method.
the question is from the mock exam in :
please check on
there are lots of links to java mock exam.
or you can go to:
which is still better coz with each links, there are comments about it.