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Frankie Chee

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Recent posts by Frankie Chee

Thanks you very very much guys.
13 years ago
Hi everyone,

my harddisk was burnt a few days ago and my project is in it. I hadn't done any backup for it.

I can download them from the webhoster's website but they are in .class machine codes format!

Does anyone know how can I convert them to readable words using a tool or something like that?

Thank you in advance,
13 years ago
Is Vector known for any issue like this?

I read from text books which suggest ArrayList is newer and has better performance than Vector?
13 years ago
Not sure whether it's because I had rename Vector into ArrayList or was it because the server administrator changes some settings in MySqld, the problem stop for the past 2 mornings.

Thanks for the clues!!
13 years ago
Hi guys,

thanks for the pointers, this might help us to get closer to the problem.

I had 3 files, customerA_jsp, customerB_jsp, engineer_jsp. I took a look at the compile JSP codes. The error messages are all pointing at the same problem which is the iterator for a vector.

It's strange as it occurs every morning. But once the server is restarted, the problem disappears.

Throughout the night while we are asleep, no one is able to access the web application because we are the only ones accessible to it as of now.

Could it be that tomcat or linux-apache disable some settings automatically after the application is passive after a long period of time(7 hours)? And thats why we were able to access the web application in the morning?

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13 years ago
There is nothing there. customerB.jsp only had 52 lines on my textpad. It must be referring to line 89 of something else I dont know.
13 years ago
Hi Bill,

I presume you are referring to customerB.jsp. But customerB.jsp was already working fine the previous day, hence I felt the problem is not the coding in customerB.jsp.

I got this error every morning for the past 2 days. Note that the problem disappears after the engineers restart tomcat. So I really don't understand what's wrong now.

Please point out my mistakes, thanks in advance.
13 years ago

I got my codes running on both locally and also on the webhoster's website. Tested many times. However each morning when I woke up and test it again the servlet crashed! Everytime I have to get the webhoster to restart the tomcat at their side. But the problem is they are not working on Saturdays or Sundays. Note that the problem occurs each morning!

I encounter HTTP Status 500. The problem associated with servlets that crash or return improperly formatted header. However I had already run and tested the codes locally many times, so that shouldn't be the problem right?

So what could be the problem??:

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13 years ago
Actually I tried Mandrake10.0 before going to Fedora, but in Mandrake I couldn't even surf internet. I tried calling Konqueror but no response! Can't use KDE or Gnome either. Each time I tried to log on, it process the logon half way and brings me back to the log on page again!

I ignore lots of error message, took note of them:

There is an error installing packages-


I download fedora disc4 again and the checksum match, maybe bcoz the filesize is small... gonna redownload disc1 now.
13 years ago
The md5 checksum on redhat's website doesn't match the 4 files I downloaded!

Being adventurous I burnt them onto CD anyway. Tried installing, when prompted an error during installation, I press continued(if I could) but when installing Glibc2.3.3......., the only option is to reboot!!! It says error in media or hardware!

What should I do?
13 years ago
I am not sure at all what is happening. I just came across a mock exam question in Simon Roberts/Heller:

The answer is B. ie One object, only line 1 created an object.
Line 1 creates a string object. Line 2 creates a second reference to that string. Line 3 appears to create a different object, but because literal strings are taken from the literal pool without duplication, line 3 only creates a third reference to the same object.
How do we reconcile his points to this topic now?
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[ March 29, 2004: Message edited by: Frankie Chee ]
applying what you have said, that should be:
this should be very useful during the exam, save quite a bit of trouble too.
Now I know how to amend the post, look more tidy now

[ March 15, 2004: Message edited by: Frankie Chee ]
Oops so sorry for that, I thought the indents would be
copied as long as I put them within the code tag.
[ March 15, 2004: Message edited by: Frankie Chee ]
I am still a bit confuse.
In the last piece of code,

Does that means that the increment, does not take place at the "operand stack"? If not, where does the post-increment, for the variable i++ take place?
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Looks like you have been immortalised!