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Recent posts by Alan Ford

Only things I can think of is:
1 CPU fried (higher posibility) 90%
2 memory fried (lover posibility) 50%
3 motherboard fried (lovest posibility) 5%

Did you feel any smell?

I am sure that hd is ok.
19 years ago
hi they are not that bad they let you extent it many times. At least they did 2 years ago...
Me and my frend had a an asshole of a boos. My frend a very smart girl went to IBM conference (3 years ago with our boos). Well she didnt know that he registered her for scwcd untill 30 minutes before the test.

Well she passed .

Last month I sow her and she said that she was postponing scea for a year (she works a lot etc...) and she asked for extention ... well she didnt get it so she prepared first part for 3 nights .. and she passed that too.

I wish to be like that (fat chance).
19 years ago
I had a same problem. Had to reload them...
19 years ago
I scored 75 on marcus and 73 on real thing.
I am still confused it didnt look like questions on reall test.
I would say if score is not important go for it.
err... Hi frend. You are asking this on a very wrong site .
I sugest a paper edition (it is worthit). And get K&B Book.
good luck
lol what this means "almost guarantee".
Hey people

They K&B&B did what they could. (I am sure). So no need for anger.

this remainds me of one of those lovely questions: are we there yet?

I had good laugh. By the way do we have bookie that takes bets what day book is going to be out ...
Uh seems that Billy got a job and now he is explaining us how all without job are probably incometent (Bily rememer your posts from a year ago?)
Cert did help me. got only scjp. Was lucky I guess.
Just keep learning and getting them (it will come to you).

However I never had expectations that cert will do miracles for me.
It did open the door for me (no miracles ... )
Looks good ( I will definitely buy this book).
what about question engine like with scjp?
I got solution

Here is how.

Go to Start -> Programs -> Outlook Express -> double click ->
enter pass if it asks and click on contact you would like to edit.

That is it.
19 years ago