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Recent posts by Stephen Galbraith

Bob - the name of the book is Head First Java Servlets (you'll see it referred to as HFS in this forum a lot) - this is the only book you need to pass the exam and its light reading.

Congrats great score (same as mine )

Those scores are similar to what I got and I passed with 82%.

So I think you are ready enough to pass with ok mark.

Yesterday I took the exam and got it (much to my relief).

Didn't do as well as I had hoped on some topics, but did much better on others.

I got around 6 questions on EL, which were not as deliberately tricky as on some of the mocks. So was pleased about that.

I think there were 6+ questions on patterns, which I always find hard to read the quick prose and pick just one (as I always think if you app is structured like that, they you could also benefit from ... and find it hard to separate those thoughts from what is being asked).

To Kathy and Bert et al. Thanks for a great reference (you all know the one by now ). At last a teaching guide that isn't REALLY dry. Much appreciated.

I'm experiencing the same problem with prometric. I emailed them and am waiting for a response...

I've just been to the prometric site to attempt to book my exam and I can't seem to login.

Just to confirm, the "user-id" I use is my prometric id that I use to login to view my history on the ilp7 site and certmanager site isn't it?

(I'm in the UK)

I don't think so regarding only one instance of each listener type if by that you mean only ever one HttpSessionListener etc.
From what I've read (and I'm by no means any expert ) you can define multiple listeners in the DD

now both MyListener1 and MyListener2 can implement the same interface (say HttpSessionListener), hence you can have multiple ones.
There are rules regarding the notification order as well, I think they are informed in the order they are specified in.

That's for listeners declared in the DD.

but there are other types of listeners that just get informed if they are "alive" at the time (Hint: attribute....)

I think it is tricky. What I think its getting at is the fact that you can use the following in a DD

but its tricky as you don't need to have this the JSP2.0 spec and then it must be in the specified locations.

Thought so, thanks for the confirmation.

The errata says

"A: Developers who want to support both methods usually put
logic in doGet(), and then have the doPost() implementation delegate to that doGet():"

now I think that would then be ...

and not

and I think that it is this way around because of the idempotency issue, but I'd like your opinion.

I think it depends what you mean by acceptable.

I wonder if they suggest the mechanism the way round that they do because doPost can be non-idempotent whereas doGet is supposed to be idempotent (I say supposed because you can make either non-idempotent/idempotent it's up to you as the coder).

This would mean that if doGet called doPost then we have a break down in what we are supposed to guaranting in the spec, whereas the other way around we are not.

Sound valid?

I'm not sure, but I had problems with JAVA_HOME and tomcat if my location in JAVA_HOME had any spaces in it, but this bombs out tomcat on startup and not when trying to compile/load etc
I too have a full time job and did the SCJD in my spare time. I guess in terms of elapsed time from start to finish was about 4 months, despite moving house near the start of my preparation. It was well worth the learning experience as I hadn't touched on all topics before (although I did get a little sided-tracked with NIO at one stage).

I guess most weeks I spent 5 hours/week, but as I got coding the time went up as I was enjoying it (it's always amazing how mush time you can find when you're enjoying something).

If I were you - I'd go for it. It does take time and commitment, but its also good fun (after you've panicked about the what is a MUST requirement several times)


Re: no bin/startup.bat.

I also have tomcat 5.5 and it does have a startup.bat (and a in the bin directory

I'm also more than curious to know. I asked Sun when booking my SCWCD 1.4 when it was coming out (I had to phone as you can't book the SCWCD 1.4 exam via the web in the UK) and they advised to keep checking on the US web site.

Still, this is in the future - I have to clear SCWCD first