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Dixie Bickham

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Recent posts by Dixie Bickham

I'm looking into the chapter "Being an entity bean" at this moment from the K&B Head First EJb book.
I was trying to find out what "things" I was able to do when an entity is being created.
According to the book on p.338 the reference to your EJB Object cannot be obtained because the actual entity has not been created. Rightly.
However at the end of this chapter, in question 9 one of the correct answers is getEJBObject().
Am I overlooking something or has something been overlooked?
[ November 17, 2003: Message edited by: Dixie Bickham ]
Looks like the FAQ is a little bit outdated (23/5/2003). seems not to be mentioned. Even I believe this is an excellent web-site and has been mentioned many times in the forums here.
Anyway it seems to be that Javaranch is a cool site.
The Kathy Sierra book is a good starter and ofcourse the JLS.