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Basically the data conversion tool used to be part of the FBN assignment, but is no longer a requirement. So don't worry about it.
Read the following thread
I see no reason why you would loose marks if you use the SwingWorker class. The assignment spec says nothing about not using standard helper classes. Though I would document where you sourced it from. I plan to do this for my assignment. EG

Does anyone know what IDE's are available to create JSPs? Currenly I use Visual Age for Java to create Servlets but can't seem to find anything that looks after JSPs.
20 years ago

G'day Deepak

Sorry my notes are all on paper, its on my todo list to type them up.

With regard your query on exam questions, you would want to know how threads
behave when they stop, what methods are depricated etc. With IO you would want
to know all the IO constructors and how UTF is used and specified. With Exception
Handling know when catch and finally are used (ie when the code within them
is executed) and how declaring a throws key word on a method affects overriden

My tips are just a reiteration of what you will read on other postings...

  • 1) Read a good Java Programmer Certification oriented book (I read "The
    Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide").

  • 2) If you still have questions and want more tips go to the
    Java Ranch discussion group

  • 3) Do lots of questions, this
    page has an extensive list...

  • 4) If you can get 75% or more in all 3 Marcus green tests, you are ready
    for the exam...exam 1
    , exam 2 & exam

  • 5) Read the sun
    to familiarise your self with the exam. Note, the Australian site
    is not up to date, it still reflects information for the old exam. Hope this

  • Originally posted by Deepak Magoo:
    Hi Nick
    Congrats thats very nice score. i am also preparing for SCJP could u please help me in some area. just tell me what sort of questions are they asking in Exception Handling, IO and threading. also do u have JLS notes if u have could u please send it to me at
    hope u will help me

21 years ago
G'day all,

I passed the exam last week (84%) and am fairly happy with the result. Areas that I fell down on where...

  • java.awt package 50%

  • java.lang package 50%

  • java.util package 50%

  • For my particular exam each of the above area's did not have many questions.

    The areas that I was pleased where...

    • package 100%

    • Threads 71%

    • Thankyou to all the people who have posted questions and answers as I found them very useful while preparing for the exam.

      Now off to
      study for the Developer Exam !

21 years ago