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Recent posts by Hussein Baghdadi

1) Sorry, not following you but here is my shot.
I think you are talking about Socket programming. If yes, then have a look at package in the JDK.

2) You don't need to learn PowerShell or what so ever.

3) As Jeanne said. If you decided to do GUI client, then JavaFX worth the try indeed. And if you want to start with a CLI, then this might come in handy: Apache Commons CLI
9 years ago

Dora Di Donato wrote:Hi guys,
A good book about java?
I am reading "effective java" book - Boch... IT is good book?

Di Donato

Well, depends..
Do you already know Java programming language or not?
"Effective Java" is definitely the book to read if you are going to do any serious Java development but it is not intended to be a tutorial about Java language.
9 years ago

Can you guess the number of people who killed by this machine?

Personally, I hate all of these stuff.
10 years ago
I'm pretty sure that every one has his own opinion when it comes to such questions.
Personally and after trying MacPorts and Homebrew, I decided to adopt Homebrew. Homebrew is actively maintained and developed and it enjoys a huge umbrella of formulas (software packages).
Updating an installed formula is ridiculously easy, you just type:

brew upgrade formula_name

And it is done!
10 years ago
10 years ago
Tomorrow I'm going to have a look at some of Espresso machines. Hopefully there aren't bloody expensive!
10 years ago

A professional looking and functioning web site is absolutely necessary for any programming language.

I really do like that "Scala" stairs in the image at the bottom of the website!
10 years ago
Please feel free to contribute to Java platform and make it the #1 programming language in the universe. No one is holding you from doing that.
Here is the source code:
10 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Hussein Baghdadi wrote:If all what some one knows is Java then learning JS, PHP or Python isn't going to expand his/her horizon.

Scala or Haskell is a must due the typing system. Lisp due its unique nature. Erlang/Elixir due its (let is crash) design philosophy.

Ruby is a good balance though (metaprogramming capabilities, easy to learn and understand, a lot of jobs).

Disagree; and I strongly disagree that any one language is a "must".

Knowing any other language, even if it's similar to Java, is a huge leap from knowing one language only.

And I don't know any of Haskell or Erlang or Elixir or Ruby. I know a little Scala.

Any of those would be worthwhile to study, but so are any on Pat's list*. There are no "musts".

* And Pat's list contains languages that are actually being widely used.

I agree, word "must" is not the best one and it is biased but I picked it mainly due Hindley-Milner Type System.

Personally, learning Clojure and Haskell expanded my horizon to degrees I never imagined.
10 years ago